15 October, 2016

#SpecialFeature :: #GuestPost - 10 Random Facts about Me by Namrata

*** Special Feature - October 2016 ***

About the Author:

Namrata is A Lost Wanderer who loves travelling the length and breadth of the world. A published author in various anthologies and magazines she enjoys capturing the magic of life in her words. She is forever in pursuit of a new country and a new story.

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10 Random Facts about Me

I have met quite a few people who are always keen on knowing more about people at large, including me. I enjoy meeting people, knowing their stories and at the end of the day capturing them in my stories. Continuing with the previous post where I introduced myself here I am with some random facts about me. Here I give you a glimpse into my life, albeit a bit more closely than before.

1. I write daily. Could be as less as 55 words and as high at 8000 words but I do make it a point to write. Not everything makes it to a book but it helps in learning. 
2. I am a voracious reader with diverse tastes in reading. I can read a book on global recession along with a murder mystery and enjoy both thoroughly!
3. I maintain a reading journal where I note down how a book made me feel at various stages. Reading it at later stages is therapeutic.
4. If not a writer I would have been a lost wanderer travelling from one corner of the world to the other. 
5. After writing I enjoy painting the most, closely followed by dancing. 
6. In Metro Diaries series every story is a true story. Only the names have been changed in few places to protect identities. 
7. Some of the stories were recorded before being written down. 
8. A handful are real life experiences which I experienced first-hand.
9. As I type this I have 8 finished manuscripts lying in my hard drive. 
10. Unlike the popular belief I am not a romance writer. I enjoy writing about human relationships at large and their complexities. Emotions are something that comes easily to me, possibly because I am a very emotional person in real life. 

About the Book:

Give life another chance. Laugh a little longer. let go of your past. Hold onto what you love. In short LIVE rather than just exist!

Some told, some untold, some heard and some unheard - this collection of stories will make you look at life in a different light and make you ponder over its definition of it till now.

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