07 October, 2016

#BookReview :: Metro Diaries -2: A collection of 20 LIFE stories by Namrata

Give life another chance. Laugh a little longer. let go of your past. Hold onto what you love. In short LIVE rather than just exist! 

Some told, some untold, some heard and some unheard - this collection of stories will make you look at life in a different light and make you ponder over its definition of it till now.

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I have previously read and reviewed Metro Diaries which was a collection of short stories about love and relationships. It was a good experience and as such I did not want the chance to read this collection pass me by. Metro Diaries – 2 is the second collection of stories from the author and this time her focus is on a much broader subject – LIFE.

There are 20 stories in this book and each titled in a way to create curiosity in the reader. In some cases it is easy to guess what the story is about from the title itself, but mostly they create an environment of curiosity as you start with it. They each draw on some important aspects of our lives and are easy to relate to. The subjects range from friendship to women’s rights to individual sexuality, from friendship to kindness to betrayal. Since Namrata draws her inspiration from real life and people around her, that actually reflects in her stories. As a result, none of the stories feel fictional; rather it draws attention to certain details in our personal lives. They make you think, feel and at times show a whole new pov to certain situations. My favourite stories from the collection are ‘The Cursed Existence’, ‘The Darkest Hour’ and ‘Rags & Riches’.

Namrata has some really interesting stories to tell and there is no doubt about it. In this collection though, there were moments where she slipped from showing to telling. But it is something she can clearly overcome with time – as her other stories prove the point home. 

Overall, the book turned out to be pretty amazing, but I have a feeling that the author’s best is yet to come. 

Review Copy received from the Author

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