06 November, 2016

#GuestPost :: My Writing Process during the penning of Second Chance at Forever by Summerita Rhayne

About the Author:

Summerita Rhayne writes contemporary and historical romance with lots of emotional conflict. She first got published in 2013 and has won contests with prestigious publishers such as Harlequin and Harper Collins India. Her pet belief is, if the inspiration is strong enough, the story characters will find a way to make the writer pen them down, even when writing time is in short supply. When cerebrally confronted with the sizzling interaction of two Alpha characters, the only way to get peace is write their book!

At heart, she's a family person and even though she loves her medical teaching profession, she happily becomes a homemaker when not at work. She loves winding down with music, romcoms, cricket (strictly watching only) and social networking.

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My Writing Process during the penning of Second Chance at Forever

Thanks for hosting me at your blog, Debdatta.

I’m here to talk about my writing process during the penning of Second Chance At Forever.
Second Chance At Forever is a contemporary romance. I immediately sensed that there was something different when I started writing this book. The characters were opening to me layer by layer. At first I didn’t know what was their motivation. I began by what is called pantsing – totally writing without planning or forethought.

Let me give you a bit of history on the book. It started as a short story for a contest. A story meant to be 2300-words in length. But when Stuti and Revath stepped on to the page, they became alive to me and were embroiled in what seemed an irresolvable conflict.

I was obvious to me that the romance would test the limits of the two. The hero had issues and he had avoided them till now. If he wanted to make things work for them, he would have to face some tough moments.

For Stuti, the conflict became equally tough. She cannot let him into her life but life without him is also not an option. As I wrote, I saw the deeper motives emerge. Why these people were what they were? Why they were so close yet unable to cross the final hurdle?

Writing for me is usually like doing an artwork. I write a rough jostled version of a few scenes. Then add in the dialogues and the descriptions. Just like sketching and then filling in the colors. Like adding final shading, I do the editing. But this book almost wrote itself. I had to rework very few scenes. As I drew near the end, it all seemed to conclude very naturally. All the scenes I wrote out of the timeline, which I thought I would trash, also merged into the work as the ending approached. So, a 2300-word story became a 60k+ novel.

About the Book:
What happens when the terrible twos come in threes?
Stuti loves being a mother to her triplets, but it can be a harrowing routine. She's even more submerged in the craziness when she takes them and her mom-in-law for a trip to Rajasthan, the land of the erstwhile Thar desert royals and their palaces. After the passing away of her husband, she feels she owes it to her mil to take her to her favourite holiday. In the Amber Palace, her reckless toddler rushes onto a modelling shoot. As she picks up her daughter who has tripped over a gorgeous zardozi sari, her gaze clashes with that of the man she'd hoped never to set eyes on again in her life.

A passion that threatens to set fire to more than just her senses
Revath was everything she wanted in a man, but six years ago he chose to walk away from her. Now he wants to be back in her life. When she knows he doesn't want the same things in life that she does, would she be wise to let anything rekindle between them? Is it already too late for rethinks?

Desire that has to be denied
Revath knew the moment he met Stuti again that he couldn't just let her go. But Stuti is absolutely the wrong woman for him. It was proved six years ago when they chose diametrically opposite ways for themselves. He doesn't believe in forever, so what's he doing asking her for a second chance?


Can three little miracles be a barrier to two people finding love?

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Excerpt from the book:

He just had to step into her space for his emotions to get in turmoil. The breeze stirred her hair and brought the scent of flowers to him. He had to stop breathing just so he could concentrate on what he wanted to say to her.
This made no sense. How could he feel this angry and yet let her affect him? All he wanted was to be numb and factual towards her. Cool and calm.
‘Well, since you’re determined to go through with this charade of a photoshoot, let’s work out the details,’ Stuti snapped, shattering his every resolution to be calm.   
‘What makes you say it’s a charade? Whether the project is viable and worth it, is up to me to decide. You know, you really underestimate yourself, Stuti!’

Her eyes shot daggers at him. Stuti was finding out that just being near him upset her breathing rate. He could saunter over and make as if he owned her time. She knew she was struggling against the awareness he worked on her senses and trying to fight it – and him –with everything she had. But he wasn’t making it easy. There was no give in that hard exterior. Physical or mental. He stood next to her crowding her space even though the balcony was a spacious one. Why couldn’t he be benign and non-threatening like other men? Look how he had pounced on her dig about the so called shoot. She knew he was doing it to get back at her. What he didn’t know was that every second she was spending with him was wrecking damage on her and her emotional well being.
And just now the mockery, the slow deliberate onceover accompanying his comment was just too much to take.
Yesterday he said she was plump and domestic. Now he was piling mockery on her.
‘What do you want, Revath?’ she burst out. ‘To compare what I am with what you have become and make me realize how backward I am? To crow over how successful you have become without me in your life? How much in-demand your persona is? Well, your model was here extolling how you are the world renowned camera whiz. You don’t need another excuse to rub my nose in the fact.’
He looked dark, even intimidating as his eyebrows drew together. 
‘Is that what you think? That I am so full of myself that I’ll seek out an opportunity to boast about myself? You believe that about me?’ 
She fell quiet, steam gone out. It was unfair, in an attempt to deflect his aggression, she had gone way over-defensive. 
‘It’s been a long time. What do I know?’ she shot back defiantly. She paused then it escaped despite her better sense. ‘I didn’t know much about you even back then, Revath.’

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