30 December, 2016

#BookReview :: Cabbing All The Way by Jatin Kuberker

Twelve people agree to an idea of running a shared transport service from a common residential locality to their out-of-civilisation office campus. Twelve different minds with equally diverse personalities gel with each other to fulfil a common need. At first, the members collide on mutual interests, timings, priorities and personal discipline, but in the course of their journey, they become best friends, make long-lasting relationships, mentor and help each other on various mundane matters. The journey goes on fine until one day some members try to dictate terms over the group. The rift widens with each passing day, the tension surmounts and finally all hell breaks loose... Will the journey continue? Fasten your seatbelts for the journey is about to begin... 

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A group of acquaintances come together to carpool for their convenience. They have almost nothing common with each other, well, except that they work in the same company and live in the same area as well. The carpool system starts with nothing but good intentions. But soon their individuality starts to stick out. There are ego clashes about whose needs are to be prioritized. Some squabbles and certain conflicts later, will the group be able to overcome their hurdles and continue with their journey together peacefully? Their journey is what Cabbing All The Way is about.

Having lived in Hyderabad for over 5 years, I have seen such carpool options cropping up in reality. Most of the people seem to land job far from their homes – at IT Parks at the complete opposite end of the city, and spend hours traveling since public transport facility is poor and not dependable. So, it was quite easy for me to imagine and believe in the solution that this bunch of people comes up with. Each character has their individual identities that set them apart from the other and as a result the entire cast of the book turns out to be a colourful set. The author has narrated the story at a steady pace with a liberal amount of humour and drama sprinkled throughout. As a result, the book does manage to hold the readers interest to quite an extent. I particularly enjoyed the dialogue delivery style of some of the characters. As for the plot, I don’t think I can draw a bottom line framing the plot of the book. It is more about human interaction and relationships than anything else.

One of the highlights of the book also turns out to be its drawback. The idea that the book is all about human psyche is attractive. But at the end, when we put down the book, it feels kind of pointless since the buildup of the story doesn’t really reach its peak.

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