27 December, 2016

#BookReview :: Eye of the Eagle by Shirsendu Mukhopadhyay, Uttora Ganguly (Translator)

The Characters.... Three Women and Bishan Wife Shivangi, wife's friend Nandini and Jahnavi 

The turn of events... Nandini is brutally murdered! Shivangi is found in the bedroom, lying half naked and fatally injured. All evidences are pointing at Bishan. 

But, is it that simple? 

And the truth... 

Eye of the Eagle delves into the complications of relationships and world of complicated characters where mystery unfolds only through the eyes of Detective Shobor!

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This is one of those very rare cases where I watched the movie before reading the book. In my defense, when I went to watch the movie, I had no idea that I would be able to get my hands on the book so soon, even if it is the translated version.

A girl, Nandini, is found murdered and in the same house another girl, Shivangi, is found fatally injured. Nandini is Shivangi’s friend who lives in the same house along with Janhavi and Shivangi’s husband, Bishan. In a house full of entangled relationships where nothing seems to be simple, Inspector Shobor Dasgupta has the job to look beyond all the red herrings to capture the real perpetrator.

The plot revolves around human complexities and the various relationships in Shivangi’s household. Bishan is portrayed as a character that has a magnetic personality and women fall over each other to get to him. His relationships with Shivangi, Nandini and Janhavi have various aspects to it. And there’s a lot of sex involved. So it is needless to say that the tangled web of relationships within this household is really complex. Shobor Dasgupta comes to the scene of crime and instead of following the apparent thread of evidence decides to investigate the case from each and every possible angle.

The characters are mostly well developed, though I wouldn’t have minded a bit more details about Janhavi and her experience over the years in the household. With a limited number of suspects, it wasn’t difficult to deduce who the mastermind was. But it was interesting to watch Shobor Dasgupta investigate and follow his each step to understand his line of thinking. 

This is an entertaining mystery that will take only a couple of hours to finish. Mystery lovers, give this a try.

Review Copy received from Bee Books

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