13 January, 2017

#BookReview :: Now and Forever by Simi K. Rao

Can Shaan and Ruhi face their biggest fears and unite together? Shaan and Ruhi Ahuja, very much in love Indian newlyweds, discover each other in Simi K. Rao’s Now and Forever—the sassy and sexy sequel to Inconvenient Relations. After getting the scare of their lives while traveling in the Grand Canyon, Shaan and Ruhi go back home to one dilemma after another. Shaan’s job is in jeopardy, and one of Ruhi’s closest friends, Sunshine, needs her. How will Shaan and Ruhi handle life’s hurdles, while still trying to get to know each other as husband and wife? Will they be able to forsake all others and consolidate their relationship? 

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Inconvenient Relations for me was a light and breezy read. So, when Now and Forever released, the reason I wanted to read this book was to see how Shaan and Ruhi’s ‘happily ever after’ worked out.

After the initial hiccup in their not so conventional marriage, Shaan and Ruhi are just about to settle in their life of wedded bliss. Life however has plans for them… They are soon faced with troubles that one could hardly see coming. Yet as they face them together, their relationship is tested again as they both grow and mature through these hurdles. From a career crisis to a friend’s crisis, this couple faces reality of life – together!

Ruhi is a character I liked from the word go. It is good to see that she not only retains her feisty nature but actually matures a bit over time too. Shaan on the other hand remains to mature into his shoes when this book begins. There are times when you want to throttle both these characters yet sigh when you realize how they truly complement each other in places where it really matters. As the story progresses, we see the characters discover more about not only themselves and but also about each other and their love and respect only grows with time. It is easy to believe that this relationship would last the tests of time as they really work on it. I enjoyed this book more than Inconvenient Relations for two reasons. One, I think the relationship of the book is really tested here. Second, I feel the characters really grow and develop more than in the first book.

This is quite an entertaining sequel from the author.

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