14 March, 2017

#BookReview :: It Must've Been Something He Wrote by Nikita Deshpande

When obsessive book-lover (ahem, book snob) Amruta – Ruta – Adarkar arrives in Delhi to work as a marketing executive for Parker-Hailey's Publishing, she learns that the world of books is not as cozy as she’d imagined. Her eccentric taskmaster of a boss expects marketing miracles to happen on shoestring budgets and in record time, and surviving the job (and the city) means she’ll have to master the local art of jugaad really fast. Worst of all, she’s stuck being a publicist for Jishnu Guha, protein-shake lover, serial selfie-taker, and bestselling author of seven cheesy romance novels, the kind she wouldn’t be caught dead reading. 

As Ruta struggles between work and life in a new city, she finds, much to her annoyance, that she needs Jishnu’s help more than she cares to admit. But with her own parents getting a divorce, can Ruta dare to fall in love, especially with someone who’s so impossibly different? 

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Amruta Adarkar arrived in Delhi with a dream and a career plan. When she landed a job as a marketing executive at Parker-Hailey's Publishing, she was excited. Being a bookworm (read: book snob) she thought it was a perfect opportunity for her. Little did she expect to be stuck being a publicist for Jishnu Guha, a cheesy romance bestselling author; whose books she wouldn’t be caught dead reading. To top that, her boss expects miracles from her in record time. And then there is the matter of her Crush…

Ruta is an average Jane Doe, who is struggling to balance and make sense of her life. Her struggles and her love for books made it easy for me to relate to her. She is not perfect, in fact she is quite far from it, but her little flaws make her real to the readers. Her adventures and misadventures carry the book forward. However, the plot is simple and straightforward with no surprises at all. Whatever you guess, will happen, which made the story feel bland. The language was pretty simple and the narrative style of the author shines through even though it is average.

The author at least got an appropriate title the book indeed seems to be something that Jishnu Guha, the cheesy romance writer character in the book, would write. This book wasn’t really my cup of tea but it could entice readers who are looking for an easy and light read.

Review Copy received from Hachette India

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