03 May, 2017

#BookReview :: Ashvamedha - The Game Of Power by Aparna Sinha

"You have to dethrone a powerful man to become the most powerful. I was itching to defeat the single most powerful person, but there wasn't any. I was left with only one choice — to create one."

Little does Ashwin Jamwal know that the last twenty-five years of his life have been controlled by a master manipulator, who wanted to make him the most powerful man on earth, though for a reason! Ashwin steps up to take oath as the youngest Prime Minister of India and is unknowingly thrown into a vortex of power and authority as the entire world is threatened by a faceless enemy — Hades.

The world starts to look up to Ashwin as the savior, but he was just a pawn, reared only to be sacrificed in the end.

A story of greed, lies, deceptions, manipulations and corruption, Ashvamedha is a thriller revolving around the infamous game of power in a maddening bid to seek absolute control. 

Ashvamedha is one of the best political thrillers that I have read in IWE in recent times.

It is a story with many lines to it. On one hand, we have Ashwin who is honest to a fault. But he soon realizes that being honest and straight in this society will get him nowhere and he will never get anything done. So, he uses not so legal ways to get the right thing done. His fate soon brings him into politics, where he amasses huge power and following. He soon becomes the youngest Prime Minister of India. On the other hand, we have a kidnapping case where a politician and his cohort are taken and killed. Then there is the presence of Hades, an identity in the shadows who seems to be omnipotent and omnipresent. What is his connection to everything and what does he/she want?

The book had me hooked from the word go. The pace picks up right from the word go and struggles a bit in the middle and then picks back up towards the ending. The book has several important characters and the author has done a good job of bringing these characters to life. However, there are a couple of characters whose presence was not required in the story as they did not have much to contribute to it. The plot has a lot of things going on. There are sub plots who importance emerges later in the story. What made this book un-put-down-able was the fact that the author kept giving us information and twists in installments which kept me going until I turned the last page. 

The book is interesting and keeps the suspense going throughout. It was a well-done story that was held back by its editing. For someone like me to notice errors says a lot as my mind normally auto-corrects while reading (Yes, it is a thing!). I wish authors would take this stage of publishing more seriously as a polished story is always better than one littered with typos. It takes away from the reading experience as well.

Review Copy received from Srishti Publishers

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