29 June, 2017

#SpecialFeature :: #CharacterInterview - Rebecca Throckmorton from Crossing the Street

*** Special Feature - June 2017 ***

Molly writes from her pantry, often in pajamas. She exercises regularly, despite the fact that she has sustained numerous injuries involving barbells and exercise balls. She successfully raised two gorgeous daughters, who both pay their own bills. 

Molly has few interests other than reading books and writing, although she and her husband did attempt clog dancing with disastrous results.

A huge fan of HGTV, Molly has been known to watch marathon sessions of “Househunters” while leafing through magazines and snacking.

Molly’s husband has an accordion band. The neighbors have started a collection to fund soundproofing for the Campbell’s basement.

Molly can be found at: Website * Blog * Twitter

Character Interview - Rebecca Throckmorton from Crossing the Street

What do you like most about yourself?
That’s a tough question! I am not pretty. I wish I had more gumption. Not big on exercise, and I am not a fan of kids. Wait, I have it: I am a good writer. I need to branch out from erotica, but I think I have The Great American novel inside me somewhere.

What do you care about most in the world?
I love my cat Simpson. He is very soft behind his ears, and I rub them when I get worried. I am also very fond of my friend Ella, who is 83. She and I have the best times watching old Lawrence Welk reruns and gossiping. Ella “gets” me.

What do you carry in your purse?
I hate purses. Usually, I just cram everything into my wallet. I put lip balm and Kleenex in my pocket. Of course, I have washed at least twenty-two tubes of lip balm, and my lint filter is full of Kleenex. But I need to be hands-free at all times. In case I need to grab somebody or hold a Popsicle.

What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?
So many. Here is a short list:
  • I called my new boss at Starbucks, whose name was Mr. Drabble, Mr. Dribble. I did this for ONE MONTH before being corrected by another barista. From then on, I didn’t call him anything. I just tried to act as if the whole thing had never happened.
  • I once wore my top inside out on a date to a fancy French restaurant. 
  • I shouted out HOLY SHIT from the audience in the middle of a surprising turn of events during a play. 
  • I stood my mother up for Mother’s Day brunch once because I got engrossed in watching Downton Abbey reruns and you know, Mr. Bates was almost a murderer!
  • I vomited in a taxi.

That’s enough humiliation for now, right?

What is your idea of a good marriage?
My God, do those exist? I am not big on commitment. But if I had to describe the perfect marriage in one of my books, it would be steamy sex (I write erotica, by the way), a husband with a sense of humor, a wife who never tires of that same joke about the short guy who goes into a bar, and lots of forgiveness.

What would you like it to say on your tombstone?
“She was cremated, by the way.”

Thanks for having me. 

About the Book
This wasn't the way Beck Throckmorton had planned it. She wasn't expecting to find herself in her thirties writing erotica and making flat whites for a living while she stewed over that fact that her ex had wound up with her sister. She never saw herself living in a small suburban Ohio town with an octogenarian neighbor best friend. And she definitely wouldn't have imagined the eight-year-old great-granddaughter of that friend turning her world upside down. 

As summer comes around, Beck's life is unsettled in every way. And that's before the crazy stuff starts: the sister taunting her with her pregnancy, the infuriatingly perfect boyfriend, the multiple trips to the emergency room. The needy, wise-beyond-her-years little girl finding places in her heart that Beck didn't even know existed. 

Beck has found herself at an emotional intersection she never anticipated. And now it's time to cross the street.

CROSSING THE STREET is a funny, touching novel that brims life's complexities. Filled with characters both distinctive and welcomingly familiar, it is a story that will entertain and enlighten.

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  1. Absolutely love, love this post! Having read this book, and enjoyed it, Rebecca's interview was fun.

  2. Thanks for having me and Beck!