10 June, 2017

#BookReview :: The Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare

The story starts with a fifteen-year-old Clary thinking that she is a normal teenager. She and her best friend Simon have been inseparable and the worst thing they have had to deal with is typical high school drama. But soon she witnesses demons and demon hunters in a club and her life changes forever. Over the six books, Clary and Jace Wayland go on a number of adventures to maintain the balance and save the world from the antagonist, Valentine Morgenstern.

I must say it outright; Cassandra Clare has built an amazing world here. The concept of shadowhunters, runes, downworlders, glamours… there is so much in the world building here. Through the six books in the series we are continuously learning new things about this world. And it is very much detailed. I did enjoy that aspect of the book. But it is the only aspect that I enjoyed. Both the main characters and the language, along with the narrative felt very juvenile to me. It felt more like a middle grade book rather than Young Adult. In fact, certain middle grade book has comparatively matured language than this series. The characters do not really ‘grow’ over the years. They sound the same, act the same through and through. Luke & Magnus Bane seem to be the only interesting characters in the book. I did feel Magnus Bane’s charm.

The series has done well for itself and now there is even a TV show based on it, but it was just not my cup of tea.

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