26 June, 2017

#BookReview :: Spanky by Christopher Fowler

Martyn Ross had a miserable life until he met Spanky, a tuxedoed chamer who's diabolically handsome, successful and ruthless. He's willing to share his wild world of wine, women and wealth - but at a price. And it has nothing to do with Martyn surrendering his soul.

Quite the reverse...

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Set in the late eighties/ early nineties, the story revolves around Martyn & Spanky and their relationship. Martyn Ross is a regular guy with a mundane job and life. There is not much going on for him and for most parts he considers himself to be a loser. When Martyn meets Spanky, who insists that he is a daemon and offers to be his muse…  Slowly Spanky becomes his friend and helps Martyn achieve his dreams and desire and change his life for good. However, Martyn soon realizes that this wasn’t a one-way deal and he has to pay Spanky for it soon.

The first thing that attracts the reader to this book is the element of Faustian Pact but with a twist. The second thing that stands out in the book is its dark humour. Together they give the book a solid base for the plot to play out with its characters. Martyn is partly naïve as is clear from his entering into the pact with no idea of what he must pay for it. However, it is quite easy to feel kindly towards him. Spanky on the other hand is the star of the story. He is devilishly charming and has a cunning mind.

There are moments in the book when you just cannot help but draw a parallel to our reality. For instance, the fact that nothing in life comes for free. It was a surprise to me as I picked up this book expecting it to be just another story. But the book turned out to be much more than that.

An entertaining read for a rainy evening.

Review Copy received via NetGalley

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