19 July, 2017

#BookReview :: Roofworld by Christopher Fowler

High above London, on the rooftops of the city, lives a secret society of misfits governed by a bizarre code of honour. It is a world known to only a few people on the streets below - until the murderous battle for its leadership breaks out.

As the Roofworld fights to keep the powerfully evil Chymes and his occult worshipping followers at bay, Robert Linden and Rose Leonard, two innocent outsiders, are drawn into a twilight, dangerous world. 

They face far greater terrors than they could have imagined. And the battle is on for the ultimate prize - London itself.

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In ‘Roofworld’ a whole set of characters live and fight for their lives on the, yes you got it right, rooftops of the city of London. And like the rest of the society, there is both good and evil among them. The novel revolves around the theme of light vs dark or good vs evil. Leading the league of ‘darkness’ is Chymes. They draw on occult and drugs and intend to rule over the rooftops of the city. Nathanial is the face of their opposition; a man with his own demons to fight. Will equality reign in the Roofworld or will doom take over? Caught in between are a couple of innocent people like Robert and Rose.

The only reason I am not rating this book a stellar 5 stars is the character development in the book. I did not feel connected to any of the characters in the book, whether its Robert or Rose or Nathanial or even Chymes. Even though they are quite quirky, the characters fell a bit flat for me till it was too late. In case of Nathanial, I was never sure exactly what was going on with him and what arc his character would take. Even without the hook of an interesting character, reading the book is a mighty entertaining experience. The plot and the narrative steals the show completely. The plot has an unusual setting and takes unpredictable turns keeping the readers glued to the pages. I loved how many times I was taken by surprise by the turns the plot took. The author’s narrative style is quite interesting to say the least and it is very indulging.

I have read couple of other books by the author and have enjoyed them all, but this is the most unique work I have read in a while. Thoroughly engrossing and entertaining.

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