02 July, 2017

#Interview with Thomas McRae, Author of Poetry 4 the Soul

About the Author:
Writing poetry books since early 2000s and started short fiction novels are 2007/2008 has numerous poetry certificates, local  news paper articles and magazines reviews. Also been on two online radio shows and book blogs. Plus trying to reach out to actors movie producer's and screen writers to transform Pimp in the pulpit in to a motion picture film. 
Pimp in the pulpit is based on my life and experiences with my  family and there craziness. Jones family are based on myself mom pop's and brother. Overall hard working family surrounded by kin folk who doesn't appreciate the value in love and support. 
Pimp in the pulpit can be purchased at Amazon.com Barnes and noble.com Google Books.com or fishpond.com or Just go online and type Pimp in the pulpit by Thomas McRae and all the information I just sent will show up plus more.  Thank you for your support and this extraordinary opportunity to be with you. Pimp in the pulpit by Thomas McRae is 35 pages and published by Eber And Wein publishing a self publishing company who provides excellent service and has really hard working people with a classy attitude. 

An Interview:

What inspires you to write?  
My personal experiences with family friends and even my day to day life. I write because it's my way in dealing with my pain plus it's also a creative way to express myself and be open plus honest about my life.

Do you have any old stories that haven't seen the light of day?  
Too some degree yes my very first short fiction novel called Street Trash. Which is based on my experiences at my job with a mean spirited copy worker who does have the same values or morals as I and yet has no problem looking down on others and judging them like he's Jesus Christ himself.

What would be the dream cast for your book if became a movie? 
Honestly if it was up to me i would let Marlon and Shawn Wayne's play my brother and I. Then Tracy Morgan could play my father and Dasha Palonco could play my mother. And all the other characters could be played by several of my favorite actors and actresses such as Laurence Fishburne Angela Bassett Jada Pinkett Smith Toni Braxton Tyra Banks Kimora Lee Simmons Anthony Anderson Katt Williams and the list goes on I have a few characters in the book it's inspired by my family and the craziness that comes with them.

Can you share with us  something off of your bucket list?  
I like to do some traveling someday but my main goal is to buy a house for myself and my parents. So we can live more comfortable plus eventually I like to start my own family biological or adopted just want to be a daddy with two healthy beautiful little girls I always wanted a daughter now I'm older I wouldn't mine two.

What's your favorite seen in the book? 
Pretty much everything because when I first wrote this book I was in a angry place. But once I was able too let go and found the humor the book began to speak for itself and came In to a life on its own.

Do you read?  And who are your favorite writers have they influence your craft? 
Langston Hughes, Maya Angelou are my main favorites honestly I don't read as much as I use to but every now and then. And yes there words inspires me to work hard and never give up now matter the out come.

When did you first realized you wanted to be a story teller? 
I've been telling stories for years but I finally decided to try and pursue it as a writer and try to achieve what several family members was so negative and none supportive. But to be honest there's a lot of envy in my family more jealously then love and that has been my lifelong battle. Trying to love those who clearly doesn't know how to love there selves. 

Is there anything else you like to share with your readers? 
Keep God in your heart and the people who loves you close by. Never allow anyone to tear you down because life is so precious and should be cherished and enjoyed.  

About the Book:

Jones family is a hard working family surrounded by kin folk who doesn't appreciate nor respect family values or loyalty.  Edward Jones and his parents Marcus Jones Senior and Cleopatra Ebony Goddess Jones plus his brother Marcus Jones Junior are dedicated to achieving their goals and living life without others jealousy and envy.

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