27 September, 2017

#BookReview :: Wytchfire (The Dragonkin Trilogy #1) by Michael Meyerhofer

In a land haunted by the legacy of dead dragons, Rowen Locke has been many things: orphan, gravedigger, mercenary. All he ever wanted was to become a Knight of Crane and wield a kingsteel sword against the kind of grown horrors his childhood knows all too well.

But that dream crumbled—replaced by a new nightmare.
War is overrunning the realms, an unprecedented duel of desire and revenge, steel and sorcery. And for one disgraced man who would be a knight, in a world where no one is blameless, the time has come to decide which side he’s on.

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First off, there is not much I can say about the story without giving off spoilers. So, I will stick with what the blurb of the book states; Wytchfire follows the story of Rowen Locke who aspires to become a knight. But with war raging and cities falling to it every day, there is more than one man’s life on the stake. The book has humans, Orcs, Dwarfs, Elfs, Dragons, Magic and much more.

The book was a bit slow at the beginning. The world setting and introduction of Rowen takes up some time. But it slowly picks up pace as the plot is unfurled and the readers are introduced to the many characters in the book. The plot is engaging as it has a lot to offer to its readers. But what I loved the most was the fact that this book has the most varied set of characters not only in terms of species but also in their appearances and preferences. Also, for most parts, the male and female characters are put on equal footing. There are a couple of female characters who made their mark in the plot. The character building in the book is amazing as we see different shades of characteristics and personalities in every character.

The authors style of storytelling is quite lyrical. It somehow complimented the enchanting world setting where everything felt real and elusive at the same time. There’s quite a bit of action, drama and humour sprinkled through the book keeping it from becoming dull at any point. 

The book ends with a cliffhanger that ensures that the readers pick up the next book in the installment soon after.  I think that all fantasy lovers will quite enjoy this book.

Review Copy received from the Author

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