30 October, 2017

#BookReview :: Canvas of a Mind by Purba Chakraborty

What lies within?
Akashi lives with her younger sister, Ipsha in Kalimpong, a remote hill station. Their tranquil life turns upside down with the arrival of a stranger in the town, who stalks Ipsha desperately. He tries to lure her by sending love notes and playing a haunting tune on his harmonica, without revealing his identity and showing his face. As Ipsha gets bewitched by him, Akashi tries to protect her from the creepy stalker. She tries to solve the mystery of the stranger and gets shocked by certain revelations. Meanwhile, she realizes that her sister has been deceiving her at every turn of the road.Why is Ipsha deceiving Akashi? And, what does the stranger exactly want from the two sisters? Will Akashi be able to save her sister from the darkness she is walking into? Or will she be shattered, knowing certain things about her sister that she had no idea about? 
Taut with suspense, "Canvas of a Mind" will take you on a riveting ride. Are you eager to know what lies within?

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‘Canvas of a Mind’ is the story of two sisters and their relationship. Akashi and Ipsha live in the scenic hill station of Kalimpong. Their lives are somewhat harmonious and banal till a stranger appears in town. With letters and tunes, he manages to capture Ipsha’s heart. But as the protective elder sister when Akashi tries to uncover the details of this stranger, she stumbles across some secrets that her own sister has been keeping…

Having lost both their parents, Akashi has had to assume the parental role for Ipsha. As such, Akashi matured and level headed while Ipsha still has a chance to live out her rebellious age. They have such different personalities yet the bond between them is equally deep. I enjoyed reading about their lives and watching the unique dynamic between the sisters play out. There are very few characters in the book, but they have been given just enough depth to hold up the plot. That brings me to the plot – what started as a light hearted read soon turned into something much more. The author has done a good job of maintaining the intrigue in the plot. There is also the sub plot of Akashi’s relationship with Vihaan, which I liked as well.

I have read The Hidden Letters... by Purba Chakraborty and another short story by the author in between. She is definitely growing with each work. Her lucid language and engaging narrative is one of her greatest asset. I am sure we will see her grow even further in the future as I will be looking forward to all her books.

Review Copy received from the Author

29 October, 2017

#SpecialFeature :: #Interview with Vineet Agarwal, #Author of Bharat

*** Special Feature - October 2017 ***

About the Author
Dr. Vineet Aggarwal is described by many as a doctor by qualification, manager by profession and artist by temperament. Born in a family of doctors, he successfully completed an initial stint with the family occupation before deciding to venture into pharmaceutical management and currently pursues writing and photography as a passion.

He is the author of popular online blogs ‘Decode Hindu Mythology’ and ‘Fraternity Against Terrorism and Extremism’ and the author of books ‘Vishwamitra – The Man who dared to challenge the Gods’ and ‘The Legend of Parshu-Raam’

An Interview with the Author

When did you first realize that you wanted to be a writer/ a storyteller?
My fascination with the ancient stories of India began quite early in my childhood, with my grandmother regaling me with the wonderful narratives from our Puranik corpus. My grandfather, who retired as the head-master of a High-school, was a well-known author with books on History and Geography to his credit. Their unique combination of tradition tempered with scientific fact, fostered in me a fascination for the past and set me on a journey to discover the common ground between the two.

What inspires you to write?
My inspiration comes from our scriptures and the numerous secrets they hide within them. Today we watch the ‘Game of Thrones’ or Greek mythology based movies with rapt attention but are completely oblivious of the equally dramatic stories told by our ancients. I write to make modern readers aware of the literary treasures from their own past.

What kind of research goes into your book?
When you write a book on characters that are revered even today by a billion people, you have to ensure that your research is top notch! While my first book Vishwamitra was based more on research of the scriptures, for the second one on Parshu-Raam, I actually visited the places associated with him all over the country. My hunt for the Avatar's birthplace even led me to a small nondescript hamlet in Madhya Pradesh called Janapav and that gave me the setting for my book. Since both these characters are sort of ‘side-characters’ in the epics, finding stories related to them and other characters related to them, and piecing all of them together in a coherent fashion is an uphill task!

What are you working on at the moment?
Well, I have been working on my third book for the past year which is a continuation of the series and is based on Maharaj Bharat who is Vishwamitra’s grandson and Parshu-Raam’s cousin. He is the man after whom India was called Bhaarat and it was his descendants who fought the epic battle of Mahabharat! The book is done should be out in the market by Diwali.

How did you come up with the idea for your current story? 
When I finished writing Vishwamitra I realized that his story was just one half of the complete whole. He had been born because of a boon a part of which had also resulted in the birth of his nephew Parshu-Raam. It was later that the idea of continuing the story of their glorious lineage through Maharaj Bharat came to me. I was also keen on doing it since there is no other book that talks about this man who gave his name to our nation!

Please share three interesting facts about the characters in your book.
Oh there are loads of them but I will restrict myself to one each for the three protagonists:
- Vishwamitra was the man who discovered the Gayatri Mantra that millions of Hindus chant even today!
- Parshu-Raam had to behead his own mother at one point of time!
- Bharat was known as Sarva-daman (subduer of all) when he was a kid since he could overpower wild animals and used to play with lion cubs as a child!

If you could pick any famous author to review your book who would you pick and why?
Undoubtedly, it would be Amish Tripathi. He is one of the reasons the so called ‘mytho-fiction’ genre has become so popular.

Have you read any books that have inspired you to improve or change yourself in any way?  
There are so many! I absolutely love the work of Isaac Asimov, H. G. Wells, and Arthur C. Clarke and their absolute brilliance in creating stunning new worlds makes me expand my own vision while writing. On a personal level, I feel inspired by the teachings of Gautam Buddha and try to follow the ‘middle path’ he recommends.

Name three things that you believe are important to character development?
First and the most important for me, since I write on characters from our scriptures, is ample research on the protagonist and various stories associated with him. When you have researched enough a picture automatically begins to emerge and you begin understanding his personality. 
Second, a good understanding of his social environment as it existed in the time period that he belonged to so that you can understand his moral dilemmas or personal code of conduct.
And third, a grasp on his interpersonal relationships since they turn him from a haloed figure to a real person who suffers heartbreaks or gets angry or cries when he holds his kid for the first time just like any one of us.

What is the best piece of advice you would give to someone that wants to get into writing?
There is one thing that I tell everybody who wishes to pursue writing – it is a time consuming process so you need to be really patient! From the beginning of your research to the final printing of the book it can easily take few months to years and you have to persevere without losing hope. 
Nothing beats the feeling of holding your printed book in your hand so hang in there and keep writing!

About the Book:

The kingdoms of Nabhi-varsh lie scattered in the wake of Parshu-Raam's assault on corrupt Kshatriyas. While evil has been wiped out from the land, the important task of nation-building remains. In the forest of Naimish-Aranya, the stunned king of Hastinapur watches a young boy play with lion cubs. Who is this fearless child? How does his destiny entwine with that of this ancient kingdom? Will he be able to bring order to the nation and defend it against the invaders lining up at its borders? Reimagined brilliantly, this novel tells the story of the son of Dushyant and Shakuntala, the grandson of Brahmarishi Vishwamitra, the man who changed the destiny of our country and gave it a brand new name-Bharat! Praise for the Legend of Parshu-Raam! 

1 Paperback Copy of Bharat by Vineet Aggarwal for Indian Residents

28 October, 2017

#BookReview :: The Blind Trial by Sulaiman Sait

Dr. Nitin from Mumbai makes his way to Live Well Medical College and Research Institute (LWMCRI) at Ooty for his course in clinical and experimental medicine where he is joined by Dr. Neha and Dr Aditi. Just as Dr. Nitin takes up his responsibilities, he encounters a case of unexplained cardiac death and comes across a series of such cases making him suspicious about some reprehensible act happening around there. Building a theme around the same for his research work he decides to investigate the reason behind these deaths and soon finds himself dragged to the centre of this mayhem happening in the name of a Blinded Clinical Trial Study. While he tries to investigate further he is forced to encounter countless challenges that continuously keep pulling him down. Does he succumbs to these challenges or becomes a victim of the master plan? Does he get a way to expose the reality? Will justice be legally served? 

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I received a copy of this book at the Indiblogger meet. At the time I had no idea about what to expect from this book except that it was a medical thriller.

The book revolves around Nitin and the turns his life takes once he lands up at Live Well Medical College and Research Institute at the beautiful and scenic Ooty for his course in clinical and experimental medicine. Once there his love life and professional life both goes for a spin. On one hand he meets Neha, a fellow researcher and falls for her. On the other hand, some unexplained deaths at the center demands his attention. Suspecting some sort of foul play, Nitin decides to investigate the matter.

The author has done a wonderful job in keeping his narrative straightforward and his dainty language helps the reader get into the story easily. Once the reader is settled in, the author then slowly unveils his characters and the plot in a way that builds up both tension and expectations. Nitin is a character who is easy to follow and understand. He feels like a regular guy and in that lies his attraction for the reader. We usually love larger than life characters; but it is more satisfying to see a regular next-door neighbor kind of guy rising to the occasion. Also, I must point out that the book was a smooth ride because of the way the author has delivered the medical aspect of the book.

The book is a fast paced read and can be finished in one sitting. And, all in all, this book offers a surprisingly entertaining experience.

I received a complimentary copy at an Indiblogger Meet

26 October, 2017

#Interview with Subhashish Dey, #Author of Fate's Design

About the Author:
Subhashish is a 14 year old student of Chinmaya Vidyalaya Anna Nagar. He has been regularly contributing short stories to his school magazine. An avid reader, Subhashish believes that books open the doors to some wonderful insights in life. An inquisitive boy, Subhashish loves to explore different places and spends time trying to understand the culture of the people there. 
Subhashish lives in Chennai along with his parents and grandmother. This is his first attempt at writing a novel. Subhashish is passionate about music and loves singing and playing his piano. Incidentally, music forms the backbone of the story of his novel. 

An Interview:

When did you first realize that you wanted to be a writer/ a storyteller?
I only realized that I wanted to be a writer when I started working on my first manuscript. It was a strangely liberating experience to put all my thoughts into a piece of paper, and as I watched it taking shape, I just knew all of a sudden that I would never stop writing.

What inspires you to write?
Two things inspire me to write. One, all of the dramatic things I see happening to people around me, and two, the songs I listen to all the time. 

How did you come up with the idea for your current story?
I had heard of a girl being bullied and couldn’t get it out of my mind. I went to sleep thinking about it, and woke up with a story in my mind of a girl who got bullied, whose mother just happened to be a popstar. 

Tell us about your writing process.
I just knew where my story would start, and where it would end, but I never had the whole thing planned. I just went along with the flow as I was conjuring chapter after chapter, and maybe that is why I was satisfied only after five drafts. After every draft, I made some major changes to the plot itself. It was a tedious and time consuming process, and I will definitely spend more time finalizing my ideas hereafter.  

What is your favorite scene in the book? Why?
My favorite scene in the book is Felix’s birthday scene. There is a dance performance, during which the blue flowers arranged on the roof start to glow and shed their petals. The scene has a magical aura to itself, and I really liked writing it. 

Do you read? Who are your favourite authors and how have they influenced your writing style?
Yes, I love reading books. One of my favourite authors is George R.R. Martin, and through his books he has portrayed that the people we consider to be “evil” may not really be truly black. He has taught me that everyone falls into a grey area in the good or bad spectrum, and that it is possible to create empathy for supposedly antagonistic roles. One of my characters in the book also exhibits similar traits. 

What is the best piece of advice you have received, as a writer, till date?
There were a few times when I lost patience with the book and wanted to give up. My father would then talk to me, and encourage me to go on. He has been instrumental in instilling patience in me. Apart from this, my father also did the proofreading for the novel, and he pointed out that certain parts of the novel had to be tightened up. This brought about a more gripping rendition of the story. 

What is the best piece of advice you would give to someone that wants to get into writing?
Plan what you want to write, to the tiniest detail, and only then jump into the actual writing part. I find patience to be a very important factor too, as writing a book definitely is a tremendously laborious process. 

If you were to be stranded on the famous deserted island, what three things would you carry?
My laptop, my phone, and lots of cheese.

How do you spend your free time? Do you have a favorite place to go and unwind?
I spend my free time writing, reading books, playing my piano, and painting. My favorite place to go to is in my “right-brain”, doing creative things helps me unwind.

Can you share with us something off your bucket list?
I will write Fate’s Design’s sequel over the course of the next two years. 

Tell us three fun facts about yourself.
- I have a fascination with modern pop music, and I’m a Swiftie.
- I am a grade eight piano player. 
- I am the youngest person in my class. Everyone is at least a year older than me. That’s because I started school earlier than most kids. 

What do you have in store next for your readers?
I am currently planning a sequel to Fate’s Design, and after that I am going to write a post-apocalyptic fantasy book. 

Is there anything else you’d like to share with your readers?
I am fourteen years old and this is my first attempt at writing a novel. I have tried writing short stories before, but not a novel. I feel that I have given it my best effort and that people will find themselves emotionally invested in the novel. I would really love it if the people who read my book give me their honest feedback. That would help me grow as a writer.

About the Book:

When a kidnapper redeems his lost conscience and finds himself unable to murder the girl he has kidnapped, what does he do? Fate is cruel to him, and good intentions are never enough. 
At the same time, a woman dissatisfied with her existence flees from her home, not knowing what lies ahead of her. But all things come at a price, and she has a hard path ahead through storms and fire.   
Watch how fate has entwined these lives together, into a song through struggles of conscience and identity, through the deepest lows and greatest highs, and through the flame of madness and the stings of survival.     

25 October, 2017

#Interview with Sunita K. Mani, #Author of Be.you.tiful Conversations with a counselor

About the Author:
A Masters in psychology from Bangalore University, Author Sunita K Mani has over ten years of experience in student counseling. Her inspiration is the great Nalanda and Takshashila University. Through her talks and counseling numbering more than 2000 she has directly impacted the lives of more than 7,000 students. The alarming increase in suicide rates among young adults in India was her wake up call. Her mission is to assist students in captaining their
destinies and to help them make better choices in life.
Whether keeping oneself updated with the changing times or volunteering in the recent earth-quake that hit Nepal in 2015, Sunita believes that happiness is for those who focus on what can be rather than what cannot. She lives in Bangalore.

Ms Mani brings to the stage more than ten years of experience in individual therapy, relationship and behaviour management. She has conducted workshops across India for parents, students, teachers and corporate. She benchmarked a successful copyrighted course at Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences and developed training objectives, deliverables and course material, which are now delivered to more than 200 trainees annually.
Professional yet personable demeanor that facilitates an impact on the behavioral coaching is her core strength.

Ms Mani has served at NGOs and prisons as part of her social research work. She is also a member and a year round keynote speaker at CSB (Community Services of Bangalore), APD (Association for People with Disability) and SOS (Save Our Soul- NGO for Children). She is a regular speaker at Rotary and Lion’s club.

For more information, please visit www.sunitakmani.com

An Interview:

When did you first realize that you wanted to be a writer/ a storyteller?
I wrote this book on behalf of all those students who think of suicide each day, their dreams shattered, their aspirations curtailed, their careers and lives ruined. On behalf of all those parents, who have invested all their savings, mortgaged homes, sold properties to ensure best possible education for their children. I wrote this book on behalf of the aspiring youth, the demographic dividend of India.
Every time I hear a story of suicide, I begin to ponder the meaning of education itself. Why should a 15 year old give up life? Is it not our responsibility to create an environment that makes emotional conversations more easier?  Is it not time to make our children not just globally, academically competent but also emotionally nurtured?  These questions led me to the writing of this book.

What inspires you to write?
The beauty of human potential inspires me to write. The ability for humans to find that small flickering flame of hope amidst storm…that makes me want to write, that makes me want to be a better person. The people I meet in my counseling sessions inspire me.

How did you come up with the idea for your current story?
Unlike a work of fiction, this book is a guide. The characters are my clients who have interacted with me in the past. The setting is that of a counselor and counselee engaged in a discussion pertained to a specific topic from a young adult's life.

Are there some stories tucked away in some drawer that was written before and never saw the light of the day?
Ah, plenty.

Tell us about your writing process.
I take a stroll across the street to find inspiration. I enjoy people watching. Then, I come and sit with the book. I cut off completely from any distraction- electronic or otherwise. I work better at night. So, my whole process of writing is a consistency based on discipline. Sometimes I decide the topic and then start writing. Sometimes I just write to express and eventually it leads to a certain topic but no matter what I fix two hours every single night to just write. So my writing process involves just one step: writing.

What is your favorite scene in the book? Why?
No particular scene as such. However I enjoy conversations about love, heart break and chasing one’s dream.

Did any of your characters inherit some of your own quirks?
I think when you look at people from a counseling perspective; we are all on a spectrum.

What is your most interesting writing quirk?
Sarcastic wit combined with compassionate wisdom. You need plenty of it in counseling. Think Sharukh Khan from Dear Zindagi!

Do you read? Who are your favourite authors and how have they influenced your writing style?
I love Paulo Coelho, may be because of my counseling background. His simplicity influenced me. Arundati Roy for her sheer ability of making meaningful tapestry out of ordinary words. Her determination made a mark on my thinking. My all time favourite authors also include Maya Angelou, Sidney Sheldon and Khaled Hosseini. They’ll inspired me to be more human. However, my favourite book will always be One hundred years of Solitude by Gabriel Gracia Marquez. It is gripping and enormously kaleidioscopical.
I think we don’t open a book; we open our minds.

What is the best piece of advice you have received, as a writer, till date?
Keep it simple.

What is the best piece of advice you would give to someone that wants to get into writing?
Write. Just write. Set aside a time and every day consistently stick to it.

What would be the Dream Cast for you book if it was to be turned into a movie?
Ah, someday! Never thought about it.

How do you spend your free time? Do you have a favorite place to go and unwind?
I’d Mostly people watch. I get such a kick out of it! I can do it for hours.  My favourite place is Lalbagh in Bangalore, it’s a botanical garden. It’s my ‘go to’ place.

Can you share with us something off your bucket list?
I dream of touching the lives of 1,00,000 youngsters personally changing their life forever because of my intervention. I’ve recorded 900 till date. 😊 I would like to be remembered as a milestone in their life. 

Tell us three fun facts about yourself.
1. I find it difficult to differentiate right from left. I suck at directions!
2. I always forget passwords
3. I chew people’s brain by talking of alternative ending for popular movies- my friends hate me for that!

What do you have in store next for your readers?
Surprise!!! Well, my second book is about “singles in India”

Is there anything else you’d like to share with your readers?
All the latest news across the world about teenage suicide is relevant to my book. Many young adults give up in life because of overwhelming sense of loneliness and stress.
Suicide is a touchy topic and a difficult one to address it directly. Thanks to technology, youngsters today are bombarded with information, so it becomes this vortex of similar content that makes it hard to find information they didn't already know. It's even harder to stay inspired. Hence, I decided to address this issue differently in my book- Featuring topics in an easy-to-understand and inspiring way to help them break out of their typical content mold and acquire something new so that they’ll learn, laugh, and maybe even choose differently. The whole idea is to erase the stigma around the word “counseling”.
The book is written in such a way that for the first time one gets to peep into a counseling session and get a first-hand experience of a conversation. 
I do not know if my book is a solution to prevent the rising suicide rate in India and across the world, what I know for sure is that, this book can open up people to reach out for help. The problem with the world is not the lack of solution. The problem is that people don’t seek and hence miss the opportunity to receive help. This book is a reminder that we are humans, we'll need help at some point or the other. the biggest take away for the readers is the truth that all of us go through emotional crisis and there is no need for stigma for going out and seeking help.

About the Book:

All of us have something to share; the question is 'who cares?’ 'How can one have these conversations without being judged?' This is the space that the book can help the reader. Ms Mani’s book, ‘Be.you.tiful’ conversations with a counselor can help the reader to learn to trust, turn self-doubts into clarity, help find inner strength and stop oneself from self-sabotage.
The book aims to remove the stigma around the word ‘counseling’. It deals with issues on young minds that are seldom discussed. The book contains chunks of conversations that are divided into short, crisp segments of dialogues, and questions and answers pertaining to a concerned topic, the book takes you through a quick and often amusing journey through the minds of youngsters.

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24 October, 2017

#Spotlight :: When Love Meets Monsters – Paranormal Romance! By Kelli A. Wilkins

When Love Meets Monsters – Paranormal Romance!
By Kelli A. Wilkins

Hi Everyone,

October is my favorite month, and I’m writing about what happens when horror meets romance –paranormal romance!

Although I create hot and spicy romances, I actually started out writing horror stories. For some, that might seem like an odd combination, but it works for me. One half of my brain writes the horror, and the other half writes the romance.

I like writing horror fiction because I get to explore different settings, plots, and characters that I couldn’t develop in romance. Sometimes after working on several romances, I’ll switch moods and write a horror story to give my writing muscles a change of pace.

My horror short stories are more psychological/spooky than gory, and it’s fun to add something scary (or strange!) to a romance. Sometimes it’s hard to keep a paranormal romance within bounds – you have to blend just enough horror elements into the love story without grossing out (or turning off) the heroine or hero… or readers!

Other times, the challenge to writing a good paranormal romance is creating a believable plot or finding a way to make a “monster” attractive, romantic, or sexy. If one of your characters is a monster (of the non-human variety) you must believe your creature is real, whether he’s a vampire, a werewolf, or something else entirely.

If you don’t write the creature believably, readers won’t buy into it, and there certainly won’t be any sparks flying in your romance. As a writer, you need to make your monster as real as any other human character and flesh him out completely with a backstory, goals, motivation, and conflicts. (What kind of monster is he? How did he get that way? What is life like for him?)

My contemporary paranormal, Confessions of a Vampire’s Lover started out with the premise “What if a vampire went to the beach and fell in love with a surfer?” The book is extra “unique” in that it’s told in first person from the male character’s point of view.

I made Anya (the vampire) sympathetic and sexy, and not overtly terrifyingyet she still flexed her vampire muscles when she needed to. This story could have easily gone down the horror road and become a full-fledged vampire story, but I wanted to show a softer, kinder side to the Anya and embrace her once-human side.

My gay paranormal, Killer in Wolf’s Clothing is not your usual werewolf love story. Readers should know that Deke, the “werewolf” character, doesn’t actually turn into a “wolf-man” – he’s more of a shifter who transforms into a super-aggressive Alpha male during the full moon. As I say in the book, “It’s more Incredible Hulk than American Werewolf in London.”

I almost had a problem writing Killer in Wolf’s Clothing because I’m “old-school” when it comes to creatures of the night. I expect my werewolves to be violent and vicious, and anything but cuddly. In my opinion, if a person is going to turn into a werewolf/wolf-man, he should look like the werewolves in Dog Soldiers. (A horror movie I highly recommend.)

My latest paranormal, Beauty & the Bigfoot (yes, you read that right!) blends the world of paranormal romance with comedy. (Because, really, how can you not?) From page one, the book doesn’t take itself seriously, and neither should readers. It’s called a paranormal comedy for a reason.
Beauty & the Bigfoot started out with the premise: “What if a cryptozoologist’s daughter fell in love with a captured Bigfoot?” I liked the idea, but I wasn’t sure where I could take it.

When I created the character of Bigfoot/Joe, I had to make sure he wasn’t too scary or too intimidating to Tara, the heroine. To her, he looked like a really hairy guy. She initially blames her attraction to him “on hormones or pheromones or the fact that she really needs a date” but later realizes that Joe is her soulmate. I humanized Joe in several scenes, letting readers see that he’s really not at all the monster everyone thinks he is – without giving too much away.

The book was a lot of fun to write and I had a great time creating the characters. Through Tara and her eccentric father, Charlie, I was able to turn up the camp level and add in many wacky references and asides.

The Viking’s Witch is a historical romance with paranormal elements set in Scotland. The heroine, Odaria, is what they called a witch back then – nowadays we’d call her a psychic and a healer. Odaria’s “magic” is the catalyst that sets the story in motion. When the book opens, Odaria is about to be burned alive for being a witch. She calls down a spell and curses the villagers while unknowingly invoking a Viking raid. Or so it seems…

Odaria uses her abilities for self-preservation and to get revenge on the people who hurt her. Rothgar (the hero) doesn’t believe in her magic and thinks she’s merely pretending to be a witch to frighten people. But after a highly-charged interaction with Brennan (the villain), Rothgar gets a taste of what Odaria could really do if she set her mind to it.

I loved showing readers (and Rothgar) Odaria’s powers of clairvoyance, telekinesis, and psychometry. The scenes that included the “magic” elements were a lot of fun to write. I’ve always been interested in psychic phenomena and other New Age/paranormal subjects, so it was easy for me to incorporate what I know into Odaria’s character.

Vampires, shapeshifters, witches… no matter what subgenre of paranormal romance you write, readers need to be swept into the story and buy into the premise that you’ve created. Your job as a writer is to make the reader believe in the paranormal character and take the reader on a journey with the main characters as they fall in love. The situations in the story need to be plausible and told in a way that grips the reader, even if the premise seems a bit far-fetched (at first).

When writing paranormal romance, don’t be afraid to break patterns, make your characters different, or have them go against stereotype. Give readers something unexpected, turn a cliché on its ear, or use a different point of view – it’ll make your work stand out. Confessions of a Vampire’s Lover takes place at the beach – and that’s not a place you expect to find a vampire.

Here are the book summaries and links to Beauty & the Bigfoot and Confessions of a Vampire’s Lover.

Beauty & the Bigfoot
Can true love exist between the species?

Tara’s world is anything but normal. Her father is known as the resident crackpot – just because he’s on a personal mission to catch a Sasquatch. Despite all of the “Bigfoot evidence” cluttering their house, Tara never really believed in Bigfoot – until the day her father brought him home.
She affectionately names her father’s prized catch ‘Joe’ and discovers there’s something oddly familiar – and erotic – about him. With a media circus descending on her father’s ranch and a showdown brewing with the local sheriff, Tara risks her life to save Joe. 
When Tara finally succumbs to her animalistic urges, she learns that Joe is not exactly who – or what – he seems. Joe is more than a Sasquatch – he’s her soul mate!

Order your copy of Beauty & the Bigfoot here:

Confessions of a Vampire’s Lover

The moment Brian spotted Anya sitting on the moonlit beach, he was hooked. Beautiful, smart, and sexy, Anya was the girl of his dreams. She didn’t mind that he spent the hot summer days riding the ocean waves, because once the sun set, he belonged to her—all night long!

Everything is perfect between them—until Brian discovers Anya’s shocking secret. Can Brian give up the sun, sand, and surf to be with the woman he loves?

Read Brian’s first-hand account of their unusual love story in… Confessions of a Vampire’s Lover.
Order your copy of Confessions of a Vampire’s Lover here:

I hope you’ve enjoyed this look at paranormal romances. I welcome comments and questions from readers and other authors. Feel free to contact me via the email address on the News page of my site or on social media. Follow my blog and/or sign up for my newsletter to learn more about me and my books.
Happy Haunting!
Kelli A. Wilkins

About the Author

Kelli A. Wilkins is an award-winning author who has published more than 100 short stories, 19 romance novels, and 5 non-fiction books. Her romances span many genres and heat levels.
Her paranormal-comedy, Beauty & the Bigfoot, was published in September 2017.
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22 October, 2017

#SpecialFeature :: The Legend of Parshu-Raam

*** Special Feature - October 2017 ***

About the Author
Dr. Vineet Aggarwal is described by many as a doctor by qualification, manager by profession and artist by temperament. Born in a family of doctors, he successfully completed an initial stint with the family occupation before deciding to venture into pharmaceutical management and currently pursues writing and photography as a passion.

He is the author of popular online blogs ‘Decode Hindu Mythology’ and ‘Fraternity Against Terrorism and Extremism’ and the author of books ‘Vishwamitra – The Man who dared to challenge the Gods’ and ‘The Legend of Parshu-Raam’

The Legend of Parshu-Raam

Legends, they say, are hyperbolic versions of historical events. Yet, they remain immensely more popular than authentic verifiable history. Throughout the world, stories of legends occupy more mind-share than the lives of historically documented people. 

The exploits of Robin Hood and King Arthur are arguably more popular than those of Churchill or Thatcher from Great Britain and the labours of Hercules and Hanuman excite more children in Greece and India respectively than those of Alexander or Chandragupta. As the title of my second book suggests, this as well is an effort to bring to my readers one such powerful legend - the Axe-Man - Parshu-Raam. 

Parshu-Raam is recognized, and even dreaded as the man who decimated the entire ruling class in a bygone age, not once, but twenty-one times! I refer to him as the original X-Man since he was perhaps the first person in world literature to show such superhuman strength that only someone blessed with other-wordly powers could have exhibited. His name was whispered in hushed tones by Kshatriya Kings till not very long ago and the Bhaagvat Puraan mentions him as a Shaktyavesh Avatar of Lord Vishnu – a human invested with special powers of the Supreme Lord.

You may have heard of him from your grandparents or seen a brief glimpse in some television mythological but seldom is his life story detailed to an extent that it could become an epic in itself. The purpose of this book is not to harp about his later achievements that many are aware of, but to bring in front of readers the events from before his birth that slowly but surely lead this simple Brahmin boy to become the legend that we know him as. His footsteps have marked the length and the breadth of the country from Arunachal Pradesh in the East to Maharashtra in the West and Himachal in the North to Kerala in the South!

The fight for supremacy between two powerful classes of ancient India – Brahmins and Kshatriyas, is reflected even today especially in countries where the intelligentsia and military exist at loggerheads. Even as you read this, some military leader somewhere in the world is surely planning a coup to snatch power from the bureaucrats while somewhere else, the literati is preparing for a protest against the authoritarian regime in their country. The struggle has played itself many a different times in many a different ways and this book shall introduce you to the clash that completely transformed India’s social structure in a bygone age. 

The mission of Parshu-Raam’s life is to help humanity find its way whenever it gets lost and thus he is counted as one of the Seven Immortals or Chiranjeevis. Besides all his military accomplishments, he is also destined to become one of the Saptarishis in the next Manvantar along with Vishwamitra who is related to him by not just ties of blood but also a powerful bond of magic. 

This book is my attempt to bring to you the legend of the most popular Brahma-kshatriya known in the history of India, and a fitting counterpart to the saga of Vishwamitra, the only Kshatriya in history who became a Brahma-rishi. It is the story of the boy who was forced to take difficult decisions in order to fulfill his duties not just to his parents but also to the idea of a fair and just society. It is the story of the man who rose to the level of divinity, the story of the making of a legend - The Legend of Parshu-Raam.

About the Book:

He was the guru of Bhishma Pitamah…

An avatar of Vishnu but a disciple of Shiva…

And he shall be the martial guru of Kalki, the last Avatar in this Yuga!

When the Chandravanshi emperor Arjun begins expanding his empire to cover the entire world, the Asuras hit back with an insidious plan. Caught in the crossfire is Raam, the son of rishi Yamdagni and scion of the Bhargava clan.

Will the machinations of Asura, Naga and Urag tribes affect the Brahmin boy and his family? Will the political intrigues of Nabhi-varsh let Bhargava Raam find his destiny or push him towards a future he never envisioned?

This is the story of a man who rose to the level of divinity to establish a fair and just society; the story of the making of a legend. 

1 Paperback Copy of Bharat by Vineet Aggarwal for Indian Residents