30 October, 2017

#BookReview :: Canvas of a Mind by Purba Chakraborty

What lies within?
Akashi lives with her younger sister, Ipsha in Kalimpong, a remote hill station. Their tranquil life turns upside down with the arrival of a stranger in the town, who stalks Ipsha desperately. He tries to lure her by sending love notes and playing a haunting tune on his harmonica, without revealing his identity and showing his face. As Ipsha gets bewitched by him, Akashi tries to protect her from the creepy stalker. She tries to solve the mystery of the stranger and gets shocked by certain revelations. Meanwhile, she realizes that her sister has been deceiving her at every turn of the road.Why is Ipsha deceiving Akashi? And, what does the stranger exactly want from the two sisters? Will Akashi be able to save her sister from the darkness she is walking into? Or will she be shattered, knowing certain things about her sister that she had no idea about? 
Taut with suspense, "Canvas of a Mind" will take you on a riveting ride. Are you eager to know what lies within?

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‘Canvas of a Mind’ is the story of two sisters and their relationship. Akashi and Ipsha live in the scenic hill station of Kalimpong. Their lives are somewhat harmonious and banal till a stranger appears in town. With letters and tunes, he manages to capture Ipsha’s heart. But as the protective elder sister when Akashi tries to uncover the details of this stranger, she stumbles across some secrets that her own sister has been keeping…

Having lost both their parents, Akashi has had to assume the parental role for Ipsha. As such, Akashi matured and level headed while Ipsha still has a chance to live out her rebellious age. They have such different personalities yet the bond between them is equally deep. I enjoyed reading about their lives and watching the unique dynamic between the sisters play out. There are very few characters in the book, but they have been given just enough depth to hold up the plot. That brings me to the plot – what started as a light hearted read soon turned into something much more. The author has done a good job of maintaining the intrigue in the plot. There is also the sub plot of Akashi’s relationship with Vihaan, which I liked as well.

I have read The Hidden Letters... by Purba Chakraborty and another short story by the author in between. She is definitely growing with each work. Her lucid language and engaging narrative is one of her greatest asset. I am sure we will see her grow even further in the future as I will be looking forward to all her books.

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