08 January, 2018

#SpecialFeature :: #GuestPost - Experience of writing my debut novel by Capri Jalota

*** Special Feature - January 2018 ***

About the Book:

One fine morning, Jane wakes up and stands upon the ledge of her 18th floor flat in Dubai Marina. Till a few years back, she was everything that would make anyone jealous – beautiful, rich and successful. But then the wheels of time turned. Today, she is miserable and lonely. Would she get over a deception? Can she forgive herself for deserting a friend? Would she ever find true love? Will karma get the better of her or will life give her another chance to correct the wrongs? 

Then the Doorbell Rang is about Jane’s roller-coaster journey as she explores the mystical phenomenon called Life.

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Experience of writing my debut novel:

I had the plot in mind for my debut novel since 2014 but somehow I couldn't dedicate adequate time for it. There were random writings here and there, but i wasn't going anywhere. But for a good two years, the plot failed to leave me. Every passing day, it grew over me. Finally, a day came that I decided to quit my job and write full-time. When I first mooted the idea of taking a break from work, it created a huge ruckus in the household - ours is a middle class Indian family - job security is foremost to everything else but then over a period of time, they understood my perspective and have been amazingly supportive throughout my journey of writing and publishing.

So, I took the hard call and quit my job. But staying at home and writing is far less fashionable than how most people perceive it. I had a fair amount of public dealing at work and usually would end up meeting dozens of people each day. Then suddenly, I was lonely - just sitting alone in a corner and writing. Budding writers - here is a piece of advice - writing is more about hardwork and perseverance than creativity. Ensuring consistency in storyline and ending the novel can give you enough and more sleepless nights than the fear of achieving steep targets at work.

But the experience of going through the entire process of writing, publishing and marketing the book was a highly satisfying one. I got to know myself better and i think i am far more balanced in my outlook towards life than I was an year back.

I loved writing my book, I have tried to pack it up with emotions, drama, happiness, sadness, poetry, etc. I sincerely hope the readers would like it too. 

About the Author:
In July 2016, when Capri's career was at an all-time high, he quit his job and decided to pursue one of his under-40 goals and that was to pen a novel. His first novel - "Then the doorbell rang", which is in fiction genre, has been published by Leadstart Publishing. His book has been released on Amazon and has received great responses. 
Capri's philosophy in life is simple - Plan your life rather than follow a plan. Whilst this might sound contradictory, if you re-read the statement you would be able to understand the subtle difference. Planning is a continuous process whilst a plan is a static one. At different points in one's life, one must be able to revisit his life and re-sync it with life's changed priorities and circumstances.
And to be successful, it is very important to be passionate about what you do. "Passion is elixir for the soul" is something he truly believes in. This coupled with the right mentoring leads to an assured success.
Capri is keen to share his perspectives with the world through his writings and talks. 

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