12 March, 2018

#BookReview :: For the Sake of Love by Anamika Mishra

Young, pretty and successful, Twisha Khanna has it all. She works hard and has no time for frivolities like love. After all, being the creative head of a happening travel magazine is no joke.

So when she travels to Shimla on an assignment, the last thing on Twisha’s mind is love. But then, life has other plans. On finding a stack of old love letters that speak of an unrequited romance, Twisha is convinced that she must find the man who wrote these letters and help him.

Along the way, she meets spoilt rich boy Alex, who is everything she would NOT want in a man. As the two try to reunite the old lovers mentioned in the letters, they are hardly aware that how they feel about love and life is going to change forever…

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For the Sake of Love is a sweet story. For those of you who have seen the movie, Letters to Juliet (which was in turn inspired by a nonfiction book of the same name by Lise Friedman & Ceil Friedman.) this story will feel a tab bit familiar but ‘For the Sake of Love’ has its own twists and turns that lets it stand on its own.

Twisha is a creative head of a travel magazine and has to travel to Shimla for an official assignment. A chance discovery of a bundle of letters that tell the story of the kind of love that makes you believe in love itself takes her on a different journey altogether. The problem is Alex whose paths cross with Twisha and she has an instant dislike for the guy. Alex is everything that she doesn’t like in a man… not that she has the time or interest to look for love for herself. But fate has a way of making things happen whether you are ready for it or not…

Twisha feels very real for most parts. I can understand her drive for her career, her initial reaction towards Alex and even her feelings about the stack of letters she finds. Alex on the other hand is not an easy character to understand. At first glance he comes across this spoilt brat in most ways. As the story progresses, we see a certain depth in him. But it wasn’t enough for me to ‘like’ Alex. Their chemistry, developing over time, was interesting. However, the plot felt very simple even if I overlook the ‘inspired’ bit. There wasn’t enough conflict in the story to begin with and the little it had, the resolution for it was way too simple. 

All in all, it is enjoyable for a one time read.

Review Copy received from the Author

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