09 April, 2018

#DDSRecommends - Shall We Tell the President? (Kane & Abel #3) by Jeffrey Archer

Shall We Tell the President? (Kane & Abel #3) by Jeffrey Archer

6 days, 13 hours and 37 minutes to go . . .

At the end of The Prodigal Daughter, Florentyna Kane is elected President - the first woman President of the United States. At 7.30 one evening the FBI learn of a plot to kill her - the 1572nd such threat of the year. At 8.30 five people know all the details. By 9.30 four of them are dead.

FBI agent Mark Andrews alone knows when. He also knows that a senator is involved. He has six days to learn where - and how. Six days to prevent certain death of the President.

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When you have read a number of books by a single author, who also happens to be one of your favourites... You are bound to have that One book that you enjoy more than the others. For me, when it comes to Jeffrey Archer, I keep going back to Shall We Tell the President? For full disclosure, I read this book when I was in class 12 and I did not read Kane & Abel or The Prodigal Daughter before it. But that did not stop me from loving this book. Years later, I read the trilogy in order and that only made me love this book even more.

The story about a death threat made against the President of America. What's new about it you ask? All the Presidents receive hundreds of death threats made against them during their tenure. But this time its being made against the newly elected President who is only the first woman to get elected to the office. And... this time the informant and all on the investigative team, but a lone FBI agent, are found murdered. The surviving agent has 6 days and few hours to solve the case where he has no idea who he can trust!

The book is a complete page turner that will get you to ignore your chores till you finish it. It was interesting to see the character of Mark Andrews, the surviving FBI agent, going through his list of suspects while racing against time. So, there's a lot of thrills and action in the books along with a few twists. Ofcourse there's a romantic angle too. In short, there's everything one could ask for. 

Though this is the third book in the trilogy, it can certainly be read as a stand alone. 

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