03 January, 2019

#BookReview :: Smart Guide for Awesome Memory by Shireen Stephen

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For the purpose of complete transparency, I feel the need to put a disclaimer at the very beginning. I have known Shireen Stephen at her professional capacity for over a year now. But that does not influence this review in any way because I bought the book of my own accord and I have not been influenced in any way, financially or otherwise, by the author to give this book a positive review.

This book is a step by step guide that can help a person understand their own mind better and adopt memory techniques that are suitable for them as an individual. Shireen Stephen guides her readers by explaining what the different kinds of memories are and then providing different techniques along with examples to improve their memory. The book is well balanced in technical terms and related examples. So whether you are someone who needs to pin a name to everything or someone who cares only about the methods, you will find this book up to your expectations.

While anyone can choose to pick this book and learn something from it, this book is primarily targeted at the students. Many methods and examples in the book are ideal for the people who are still into academics. And my suggestion to readers would be to try each method for sometime before moving on to the next chapter in order to be able to maximize their learning from this book. 

My husband & I have both read this book and have practiced the methods for some time now. We do see an improvement in both remembering and recalling details. 

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