27 February, 2019

#BookReview :: In Love with Simran by Kulpreet Yadav

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When Sanjana’s friend Simran is murdered, she is pretty sure that she knows who has done it; Simran’s boyfriend and a business tycoon Nik. But she needs proof before she can see him hang for it. So she hatches a honey trap plan to expose Nik. Will she be able to carry out her plan flawlessly? Or will she give into the charm of the man who may be a killer after all?

I picked up this book as a review copy from Srishti publishers because I have heard about the author quite a bit. Some of his other titles (like The City of Mirrors) had caught my attention previously and I have been wanting to read his works for quite some time now. 

The author has done a good job with his narrative. It drew me in right from the beginning and made me feel invested in the plot. His language was simple and helped the story telling style by setting a very comfortable tone. The moderate pace of the plot littered with twists and thrills, the book is truly engaging. I was unable to pin my suspicion on one person till about half the book was done which is saying something.

However, I did face some issues with the characters and their development. Both Sanjana and Nik claim to be ‘in love with Simran’ yet they find it pretty easy to fall for each other. Nik, whose girlfriend was murdered, finds love in Sanjana… which is still somewhat believable, though I would term it as rebound relationship rather than love. On the other hand I found it very difficult to believe that a girl who is supposed to be smart, intelligent and feisty to fall for a man who she thinks is the killer of her best friend. I don’t know if it was done to add a present romantic element or just supposed to be convenient turn, I found it extremely unbelievable.

Overall, I think this book is a one-time read only because the protagonists are a letdown in what felt like a promising plot.

Review Copy received from Srishti Publishers

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