10 February, 2019

#BookReview :: Shades of Silence by Mamta Anand

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Shades of Silence begins with a hospital scene where Rohini, our protagonist, gives birth to a girl through c-section. What ensues next is probably the story of millions of women in our country and around the world.

The author has expertly handled various issues that women still face in the 21st century; from female feticide to dowry to mental torture to rape and violence. It is a sad fact of our patriarchal society that fails to understand till date that suppressing half of the population is not the way of progress. Through Rohini’s story and her journey, the author has not only brought up the various issues but has portrayed them in a manner that everyone would relate to in certain capacities. And I must give credit to the author for writing a book that at the least should help people start a conversation about these matters. Rohini as a protagonist is a strong woman. Her grit and ideals may not make her very popular in the society that she has to fight against, but it is what makes her shine through. There are a few supporting characters in the book without whom the book wouldn’t have the shape that it does whether you like them or hate them. And, before you jump to conclusions about this being a man-hating book (must be when it talks about the struggles of women :/) – no it is not like that. There are women in the book that you will hate and there are men in the book that will like. The author maintains a balance in showing that end of the day even though it is about the struggles of women, the problem lie with both men and women while some people work hard to redeem human kind.

However, I have to point out that the language and the narrative of the book felt bit rough and dry for a fiction novel. The dialogues were a bit jarring at times. It would probably suit a non-fiction novel much more. As a result I found it a bit difficult to find a rhythm and truly immerse myself while reading the book.

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  1. Dear Debdatta Sahay
    Proud of my association with you. You come to us as a friend of the author. We are all evolving in a merciless industry out there. Your good criticism, I do trust, but all writers ought to grow in writing through inventiveness, a method best of their own. We have our own way to the summit, you act as our radar, helping us to save ourselves from pitfalls.

    Thank YOU VERY MUCH for your service to the field of WRITING- LITERATURE