11 February, 2019

#BookReview :: Fatal Fallout by Sharmishtha Shenoy

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When a new and upcoming actress is found murdered on a highway, people start to speculate. Was it a highway robbery gone badly or was it a murder. With a recent breakup with an abusive boyfriend, most fingers seem to be pointing at the ex. But there is something fishy about the director and the producer of the movie that Gauri was working on. With the media sniffing about and a corrupt cop on the scene, Vikram Rana has to work his magic fast.

Fatal Fallout is the fourth book in the Vikram Rana Mystery series and my first encounter with Vikram Rana, the detective. The book can be read as a standalone. With a short introduction to Vikram Rana being presented by the author at the very beginning, I felt that I knew a bit about Vikram already when I started reading this story. I liked the character of Vikram. He is in no way a flawless character and it is indeed his flaws that make him more human and affable to the readers. He has his own methods for working out a case which requires both brain and brawn. His previous experience as a police officer has given him much insight into not only the profession but also into the people in the profession. It is also a plus for him now that he runs his own agency.

The cast for the story is quite limited but everyone involved seems to have a motive. Each character had a distinct personality and played important role in progressing the plot. The police investigator handling this case, Phani, felt like total scum at times. But his attitude was more than compensated by ACP Gopi’s character. There’s an angle in the story that gives you a look into the dynamics in the industry and also where the readers can see how quick certain judgment calls are made without any base. The author’s language and the narrative style are simple and fluid. There’s a certain tone of friendliness in the tone of narration that makes you feel comfortable with it. Add to it the twists that the author has put in for the readers, the book turns out to be an engaging read.

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