14 February, 2019

#GuestPost & #Giveaway - My Favourite Author by Summerita Rhayne

About the Author:
Summerita Rhayne writes contemporary and historical romance with lots of emotional conflict. She first got published in 2013 and has won contests with prestigious publishers such as Harlequin and Harper Collins India. She loves to write compelling emotional conflict in her stories.
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Thank you, Debdatta, for inviting me to share my thoughts on my favourite author for Valentine's day post.

How can we define romance? In today's world of increasingly busy and demanding lives, romance has achieved newer meanings. There is an ever present cynicism and skepticism related to romance. Sometimes, it feels as though romance is reduced to red and white balloons and the expectation of expensive gifts. But then you find instances of long, enduring relationships despite giant odds stacked against them. In romance fiction too, we see different expectations from the readers. As an author and reader of the genre, I often say, 'Boy meets girl does not make a romance.' This is truer than ever now. Mind exploration and self awareness are evident even in young people. As I direct my writing towards this demanding market, I find myself also looking up to fiction which is less escapist and more exploratory in nature. In this, I find Danielle Steel continues to fulfill the promise.

I like to read layered and relationship oriented stories and this author comes through on both counts. She has been criticised for her narrative style of story telling and for her omniscient pov while in romance fiction, close third person or even first person is all the rage. Also for penning the lives of the rich. But she writes character oriented stories and it is for the characters and their trials that her books are so fascinating. What sets her protagonists on edge and what challenges they confront forms a effective book and compelling reading which keeps you turning the pages. Recently she has grown from a romance to romantic fiction author and that is still amazing. Excuse me while I wax effusive about this lovely author. My big moment was indeed when I read in a review of my first book, Against All Rules: If you like Danielle Steel type of love and romance genre, you must read Against All Rules - ezinearticles.

To be paralleled, even in a slight way with the fourth best selling author of all time, is not a compliment but a blessing. Right now I am reading Steel's Mixed Blessing in which the lives of three different couples are explored. I'm looking forward to picking up her latest Turning Point next.

If you read Danielle Steel, do share your favourite book from her. Or share which is your favourite romance novel. Leave a comment to enter the giveaway of Against The Tide, historical romance set in ancient India which features a concubine falling in love.

Against The Tide

Can a concubine fall in love? 
Lohana knows she cannot even dream of everlasting love. Trained to captivate men for their wealth and proficient in the required arts, a concubine like her is not meant to be a partner for life for anyone and most certainly not for the king. But King Jayatshatru has managed to steal her heart. In the politics of aristocracy, germs of intrigue flourish hidden behind the ornate doors. As love grows stronger, the plotting against her deepens. Will she be able to fight the forces against her? Does she even want to, when dreaming about happiness can lead both the king and her to ultimate ruin? 

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