21 March, 2019

Challenging Myself to Blog Daily with a Blogging Challenge in April 2019

I have received quite few concerned messages in the last few months from the people who follow my blog on a regular basis. Why you ask?

Well, I have been really lagging behind on reviewing and blogging in the last few months. Quite a few factors had contributed to my disenchantment with the blogging world. But I think it is high time that I move on from all the negativity that it brought on because end of the day, the book blogging world has given me immense pleasure, amazing experiences and a bunch of friends that I am really thankful for.

As a way of easing myself into a schedule for my blog, I had signed up for Blogchatter's Basic Blogging Course back in January. Completing A to Z Challenge in April is a part of the course. So, of course I have to do it and since I am doing it for Blogchatter, I thought why not sign up for the original A to Z challenge as well?


The concept of A to Z Challenge is to publish a post everyday, except on Sundays. So, 26 posts in total written based on a particular theme (to be chosen by individual blogger) and in the chronological order of A to Z.

Have you heard of the A to Z Challenge before? Have you participated in this challenge before?  You can learn more about the challenge HERE 

The first step of the challenge is to decide on a theme and do a reveal post.


My theme for the challenge is... Well, it's Books! What else am I going to blog about? 😜 The books that I am going to review/feature through the challenge are either review copies that I have read but been procrastinating when it came to reviewing them, or they are the books that I finally knock off my very long TBR.

For this theme reveal though, I decided to go one step further. As a bookworm, I realise that not every book is according to everyone's reading preferences. April is going to be a busy month with all the reading, writing and blog hopping - so I have already chalked up my A to Z books and I am listing them here so that you can decide beforehand about which days you want to drop by my blog. 

Take a look:

Now, do not forget to drop by in April and leave a few encouraging words or your thoughts on the book of the day!