21 March, 2019

Challenging Myself to Blog Daily with a Blogging Challenge in April 2019

I have received quite few concerned messages in the last few months from the people who follow my blog on a regular basis. Why you ask?

Well, I have been really lagging behind on reviewing and blogging in the last few months. Quite a few factors had contributed to my disenchantment with the blogging world. But I think it is high time that I move on from all the negativity that it brought on because end of the day, the book blogging world has given me immense pleasure, amazing experiences and a bunch of friends that I am really thankful for.

As a way of easing myself into a schedule for my blog, I had signed up for Blogchatter's Basic Blogging Course back in January. Completing A to Z Challenge in April is a part of the course. So, of course I have to do it and since I am doing it for Blogchatter, I thought why not sign up for the original A to Z challenge as well?


The concept of A to Z Challenge is to publish a post everyday, except on Sundays. So, 26 posts in total written based on a particular theme (to be chosen by individual blogger) and in the chronological order of A to Z.

Have you heard of the A to Z Challenge before? Have you participated in this challenge before?  You can learn more about the challenge HERE 

The first step of the challenge is to decide on a theme and do a reveal post.


My theme for the challenge is... Well, it's Books! What else am I going to blog about? 😜 The books that I am going to review/feature through the challenge are either review copies that I have read but been procrastinating when it came to reviewing them, or they are the books that I finally knock off my very long TBR.

For this theme reveal though, I decided to go one step further. As a bookworm, I realise that not every book is according to everyone's reading preferences. April is going to be a busy month with all the reading, writing and blog hopping - so I have already chalked up my A to Z books and I am listing them here so that you can decide beforehand about which days you want to drop by my blog. 

Take a look:

Now, do not forget to drop by in April and leave a few encouraging words or your thoughts on the book of the day!


  1. This sounds like an intriguing theme. Glad you're taking part this year. Double challenge!
    Happy reading and blogging!
    Our theme is the writing journey. If you have a moment, we'd love a vote on our image choices. :)

  2. Always happy to read a bookish challenge ;-)