01 April, 2019

#BookReview :: Accidental Heroes by Danielle Steel

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When Bernice Adams, a TSA Agent finds a postcard of the Golden Gate Bridge with a warning written on it, she pushes it up the chain. Her supervisor however doesn’t think much of it and so she ends up notifying the security team about it. This in turn brings in Ben Waterman, a Homeland security agent, who is put in charge of it. Two planes are en-route to San Francisco.  Which plane and its passenger are in danger? What is going to happen? Will Ben be able to stop whatever plans are in motion in time from the land?

I loved the fact that this book had an element of mystery about it. So far, I have mostly read Danielle Steel books that are about romance or drama and so, this was a refreshing change from them. 

There were two main lines of narration in the book – in one where we see the people on land trying to figure out everything in order to land the plane safely and in the other we see the crew and passengers on the plane. At the same time we also get to see into the lives of the major characters and get a bit of background on them. The book has a diverse set of characters and we get to hear most of their voices. It was interesting to see the different reactions and coping mechanisms of different people to the same situation. I liked the character of Helen who is the captain of the plane in question. She has a military background that helps her keep calm and composed in order to handle every hurdle that the situation throws at her. At the same time, the recent death of her husband which has left her as a single mother of three children is something that could potentially threaten her calm. I also liked the way Ben worked out which plane may be the one in danger by working through what information was available to him.

However, the oscillating voices of the characters were confusing at times as they changed abruptly. And, at some places, the conclusions drawn by certain characters were unbelievable given the different and limited information that they each had. It was bit of a bummer there. Some of the things were pretty predictable. End of the day though, I liked the fact that the book just didn’t end with a happy ending and a promise of a happily ever after. We got small glimpses into some of the lives after the event.

Overall, it was an entertaining and a light read.

Review Copy received from Pan Macmillan India

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  1. I love Danielle Steele books but I havent read this one. I'm bookmarking your series as I'm sure I'm going to get a lot of good book recommendations this month. Happy A to Z, Debdatta.

  2. sounds interesting actually. would you recommend as a reader's first book of the author?

    1. NO.
      It is not enough of a mystery for a mystery buff like you and me.

  3. alright. DD. will give this a miss then.