15 April, 2019

#BookReview :: My Father Drank My Lover and Other Stories by Ashok K. Banker

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Well, I have to admit that I was taken aback by the title of the book. It sounds a bit odd, doesn’t it? At the same time, it is sure to get your attention too. 

There are 11 stories in the book where each story is different from the other. Yet they are connected by the bizarreness. The author touches upon different genres of mythology, religion, history, sci-fi, dystopia, fantasy and satire to bring together these 11 stories that simply blow your mind. The very first story of the book is the title story of ‘My Father Drank My Lover’ which combines historical and mythological elements and deals with the Ausras and Devas. After finishing each story my thoughts were that of how could the author possibly top this one. And each time I was taken by surprise. My favourite stories in the collection have to be Tongue and Blood Mangoes.

The USP of the book has to be the way the author has reflected the realities of our world through pure and tangible fiction. It is a book that will feed your mind with each story and then put it to work. None of the messages are delivered in an ‘in-your-face’ manner even though they are very clear. Stories that highlight the way our society looks at women made me smirk through them because it actually highlights the ridiculousness of the thought process of the society that we live in. 

There is no doubt that Ashok Banker is a master story teller after delivering a number of best sellers. But through this book he reminds us how a master storyteller can tell a fantastical story that everyone can relate to if they are being honest.

An engrossing collection of stories that are must read for people who like meaningful stories and for people who appreciate a masterful story telling style. It will make you keep wanting for more.

Review Copy received from Pan Macmillan India

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  1. I quite like Ashok Banker as an author, and had started on his Mahabharata series, which was good to read. Will check this out too, since it is a genre I like!