17 April, 2019

#BookReview :: Obsessed by Ruchi Kokcha

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Investigative journalist by profession, Avik is still struggling at a professional level. He thinks he has caught a break when millionaire Kalki Rajput is found murdered. He has a chance to work closely with the victim’s daughter Ananki who was a witness to the murder. Sounds, simple, right? Only Ananki is not all there and she is someone whom the world calls mad. Retrieving the information of what she has witnessed is tougher than what maybe Avik can handle. 

There are two aspects of the book that I really liked. I loved the character portrayal of the two main characters – Avik and Ananki. Avik, as the protagonist, is someone we should be championing for. Yet the shades of grey in his character are so dark at places that it is difficult to really care for or about him. He has next to no care for anyone other than himself. The way he treats people is simply gross. And he has some demons of his own. Ananki on the other hand made more sense to me. Crazy as it sounds, the ‘mad’ character is more coherent and logical at times. It made me think of the world that we live in.  Second is the psychological element of the book. It is what kept me turning the pages. From the way each character is portrayed to the theme of the plot, the psychological elements kept me going.

While the characters kept the book going, there was little else that gave me a reason to turn the pages. The narrative was tedious to keep up with and it got really boring mid-way. I had to put down the book at one point. It is only my weakness of not wanting to leave a book unfinished and the pull of Ananki that ultimately kept me going.  The climax was quite a letdown as well.

Would I recommend this book? That is a difficult one to answer… Maybe if you can borrow it from a library or a friend, then yes. I wouldn’t recommend this one to be a part of your book buying binge at all.

Review Copy received from Harper Collins India

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  1. I like the name of the character- Ananki. Very different :) Will check it out, but there are too many books on TBR now that this might be low on the list for sure. Not a cover that attracts me as a reader/buyer either.