26 April, 2019

#BookReview :: Wonder by R.J. Palacio

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August “Auggie” Pullman was born with certain facial differences that needed a lot of surgery and yet his looks are not what ‘society’ would term as normal. He had been homeschooled by his mother for so long but it is time for him to step out of the cocoon and face the real world. With his family at his back and the option of leaving if he feels too uncomfortable, Auggie steps into the real world by enrolling in the 5th grade of Breecher Prep School. Navigating school life with all the rules and bullies is hard enough for every kid, but Auggie has it slightly harder because people cannot seem to get past his looks.

I hardly have the words for this book. It was hilarious and depressing at the same time. As a reader I could not help but FEEL the highs and lows right alongside Auggie. The book covers a lot of elements including friendship, sacrifices, the superficial outlook of the society and actual struggle to fit in.

Auggie is smart, he is witty and he is compassionate and yet all people see is the deformed face. Some kids are downright mean, some avoid him and some are pretend friends. Who do you think is the worst of the lot? That just makes you stop in your track and think. Sometimes it is best not to say anything when you have nothing nice to say. Sometimes looking away can hurt more than anything else. And being kind never hurts anyone but uplifts everyone around. 

The book also offers different perspectives through other people around Auggie that helps the reader understand the struggle of people around Auggie as well. Some do shock you but some help the reader empathize and some help get to the core to understand the society’s reactions. And there are some that surprise you in a good way. But each perspective adds up to tell Auggie’s story without wavering. 

This is one book that needs to be read multiple times by everybody to help remind us that being kind is so important in this unkind world.

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  1. Same pinch, choice wise. One of my favorite books of 2018, and it's worth re-reading for sure. 5 hearts is the right rating!