06 April, 2019

#BookReview :: Fate's Design by Subhashish Dey

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Natalia grows up without knowing the truth about her own life. She receives a letter after the death of the man she had known as her father and it changes her life. The story of her life includes kidnapping, a marriage breaking up and a criminal growing a conscience. But wait, there is also a brother involved in the story and a stranger looking to unite a family. 

I have been putting off reviewing this book is because I kept wondering how to review a book by a fourteen year old boy. On one hand, I feel that he deserves a chance to explore his talent without having to bother about critics. And on the other hand, I also believe that a proper feedback could genuinely help him grow.

If I overlook the author’s age, this is an average book. The first half of the book was engaging in terms of both character development and plot. I found myself lost in the world that Subhashish Dey has created. Each of the characters was interesting in their own right. Anatasaii had these shades in his character that I thought made him very real and human. I kind of found him to be the most appealing character of all irrespective of the fact that there was an air of mystery around the character of Anterope. The second half of the book seemed to lag a bit in terms of pace and it was very predictable. Subhashish’s language is much more matured than I expected it to be though there were moments when his real age showed through the dialogue delivery. The narrative style executed suited the plot and it was probably the best aspect of the book.

Truth be told, if this was a work of an adult, I would be rating it a two stars. But considering the age of the author, I am giving it a three star based on the fact that the plot conceived had great potential and the narrative was good. Execution of the plot and the language needs to be worked on and I hope that Subhashish will improve with age, education and experience.

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  1. It's joyful to know that there are writers who are that young and want to share their stories with the world. The introduction itself was interesting, so the book might be too. I hope he takes your feedback positively, grows and writes a novel that is 4 stars without age considerations also! :)