01 June, 2019

#BookReview :: The Wicked King (The Folk of the Air #2) by Holly Black

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Well, it is no secret that I did not like The Cruel Prince as much as everyone else, but I was invested in the world. Hence, I picked up the sequel and I must warn you that this review has some spoilers for the first book in the series.

The Wicked King picks up shortly after where The Cruel Prince ended. With Jude cleverly out maneuvering Madoc, she has cleverly bound herself to Cardan, the King of the realm.  She has also managed to put Oak away safe in the human world with Vivi. But there is a war brewing and only a fool would think that Madoc has given up. Jude has too much to do and too many balls up in the air. Will she be able to get ahead once again, or maybe she will finally be taken down by the Fae.

This book was seriously underwhelming! Through book one we atleast has Jude who was turning out to be a shrewd girl with some serious plans. In this book we have practically nothing; nothing that I can say was average, let alone good. Cardan is comparatively tame, still mean and comparatively boring. Jude has bitten of more than she can swallow and is falling into traps left and right. The kickass heroine that she was built up to be in book one just all went down the drain. She is unprepared and exhausted throughout the book. Vivi’s dysfunctional relationship with her girlfriend was plain irritating. Worst was the Jude-Cardan relationship. And does Stockholm syndrome include the captor falling for her victim? What else can we attribute Jude’s feeling for Cardan to? Cardan hasn’t shown a single redeeming quality, yet this girl falls for him even with all the history of bullying and abuse she faced at the hands of this boy?

I probably picked up the wrong series to get my first experience of the author who is often termed as the ‘The Faerie Queen’. I had some interest in Jude and Madoc after the first book which I have now lost completely. The romance doesn’t interest me. And the ‘twists’ in the book failed to impact me because I had completely stopped caring about the characters somewhere half way through this book. I will pick up The Queen of Nothing simply to complete the series (I sincerely hope there won’t be more) but not holding my breath for it.

Holly Black Fans, please suggest a better series… which book should I pick up to get the true flavor of her writing?

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