11 July, 2019

#BookReview :: I am the 10th by D.R. Downer

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There’s not much I can summarize about the book without giving out a few spoilers. The book blurb tells you all that you need to know about it. The only thing that I would add is that the author has titled the book very appropriately. There! I said it and gave you another clue about what to expect in the book.

Starting from the 3rd Century B.C to modern times, the author has traced a certain path that the human race has taken. His focus though is a certain group of people that have lived in the shadows and forwarded their agenda. Some people may tag them as cult, but if so what are their motives? Are they working towards progressing humankind? Or are they concerned about saving them? And what if their only aim is to bring an end to the world as we know it? You have to read the book to find out.

What I loved the most is the way the author has crafted his story. It covers a wide timeline, gives the readers enough details to be able to follow and yet it is a book with 180 odd pages. The author has used his words wisely to be able to tell an enthralling story in such a short format. To top that, the author has also managed to weave in elements of mythology and science in a seamless manner. It was a plot driven story that was certainly entertaining.

If you like Indian Mythology and have a couple of hours on a lazy weekend, gives this book a try.

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