08 September, 2019

#SpecialFeature :: Read an #Excerpt from “Who Killed the Murderer?”

*** Special Feature - September 2019 ***

About the Book:
When TV actress Shagun Seth mysteriously dies in a beauty parlour in Mumbai, her mother slams murder charges on Shagun’s banker husband Chetan Seth. Chetan’s family suspects that he is being framed and requests private detective Mili Ray to investigate. As Mili and her lawyer-associate Gatha start work, Chetan is released on bail. Soon after, Shagun’s mother is killed! Is Chetan responsible for these murders?
Mili probes deeper and unravels shocking secrets buried beneath Shagun’s world of glitz that leave her baffled. An insecure boyfriend, an estranged husband, an opportunist colleague, a cunning TV producer – Shagun was surrounded by haters. Even her 12-year-old son didn’t want to see her alive. Why did everyone hate Shagun?
While meandering through dysfunctional family upheavals and dark showbiz sagas, ex-super cop Mili also struggles to tame her own internal demons. Will she be able to solve her second case as private detective or succumb to pressure and hang up her boots?
Who Killed the Murderer? is a gripping psychological thriller that will hook you right from the first page.

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Read an Excerpt:

‘That is an incorrect allegation, Ma’am. The doctor didn’t get any time alone with your daughter!’
‘Not required,’ Indira Mehra flared up. ‘My daughter is not mad!’
‘Mrs. Mehra,’ the officer continued, ‘You are getting me wrong. In these kinds of cases, consulting an expert always helps. They will help your child get back to a normal life.’
‘That’s enough, Officer! I know what is best for my daughter. We don’t need any help.’
And then, the inevitable happened.
The following morning, eleven-year-old Shagun stepped out of her apartment and climbed up to the terrace on the tenth floor of the building. The emptiness of the bare terrace didn’t appeal to her. Her eyes were on the prowl, as if searching for a prey to satiate her ardent desire to kill—a newfound passion she had discovered on the dreadful night in the school’s store room.
Shagun’s eyes had finished scouting the terrace.
‘Another day has passed in vain,’ she groaned and stretched her fingers to crack her knuckles. Just as she was about to leave the terrace, she heard a familiar sound… of laughter.
She turned around to spot a boy standing on the edge of the roof, with his back towards her. He was flying a kite. Shagun knew that only one boy in the neighbourhood was obsessed with flying kites round the year.
She looked at him with eagle eyes. He was laughing heartily, savouring each moment as his bright red kite danced in the clear blue sky. Shagun bit her lips and clenched her fists. The sound of his laughter hit her ears like gunshots. She didn’t want to hear it anymore.
This was the first time in months that eleven-year-old Akash Mehra had laughed.
Shagun had been waiting for this moment—a moment alone with her brother. She walked towards him, slowly.
Akash had one foot up on the boundary of the terrace and the other firmly on the ground, to help maintain balance.
Shagun couldn’t afford to miss this opportunity.
She ran towards Akash, like a bull entering a fighting ring, and pushed him off the terrace with all her might.
‘Aaaa,’ Akash shouted as he lost his balance and fell off the tenth-floor terrace. Shagun cautiously peered over the parapet till she heard the ‘thud’ sound. Now, she was confident that her dear brother had landed on the ground.
Akash died instantly.
Shagun turned around and laughed.
This was the first time in months that she had laughed, too!
She started walking towards the exit and as she reached the door leading to the staircase, she froze. Her mother was standing there with six-year-old Pooja in her arms.
Indira Mehra had just witnessed her daughter murdering her son.

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About the Author
Moitrayee Bhaduri is an author, screenwriter, and content specialist. Her first book, The Sinister Silence (Srishti Publishers, 2015), is an edge-of-the-seat murder mystery that introduced the feisty private detective Mili Ray. Her second book Who Killed the Murderer? (TreeShade Books, 2019) is a fast-paced psychological thriller that revolves around the murder of a TV actress in a beauty parlour.
Moitrayee also writes screenplays for TV and freelances with IT firms as a content consultant. Before switching to a full-time writing career, she worked with organizations like IBM, Deloitte, and Oracle, among others, in various writing and people-managerial roles, for 15 years. An alumna of Loreto College and Jadavpur University, Moitrayee also has a certificate in Creative Writing from the University of Oxford.
Moitrayee enjoys conducting writing workshops for children and adults, encouraging them to cultivate a habit of reading. She is passionate about music, enjoys reviewing books and films, and loves dogs. Currently, she lives in Kolkata.

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