21 November, 2019

#BookReview :: The Treasure Syndicate by @jatinkuberkar

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Well, who doesn’t like a treasure hunt story? For me, most of the times it is about the chase and the adventure of it all that makes it interesting. The value of the treasure rarely make any difference, after all, I am not going to get a cut, am I?

Jatin kuberkar tells us the story of a curse put on a King which resulted in assigning a guardian and forming of a group which is, now in the modern days, known as The Treasure Syndicate. Acharya Neelkanth Agnihotri is the current Guardian of The Treasure Syndicate and he has a team who help him hunt for hidden treasures. Jabbar, Kumar, Srikanth and Mahesh are the four other players in the story who each play their parts to add different flavours and bring a form to the overall plot.

What I loved the most about the book was the plot and the pace of the book. The author has added a little bit of mythology to give a certain depth to the plot and while this certainly isn’t a mytho-fiction in any way, the little details and pieces of information does help give the plot a dimension to it that just adds to the readers experience of the adventure that lies in the pages of this book. The narrative pace also helps keep the readers engaged throughout as there is always something ‘happening’ to keep them curious and reading. The characters in the book are interesting too. While I found the Acharya to be most interesting of them all, their varied personalities sometimes caused friction and sometimes complemented each other.  The author’s unpretentious language and simple narrative is a plus as it makes it very easy to get into the story and into the lives of these characters.

The book has enough adventure to make it a lively read and with a few red herrings thrown in the thrills just add to the experience. It turned out to be a ‘quick’ (well, I could not put it down and finished in one sitting) read that had my attention from the first page to the last word.

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