13 December, 2019

#BookReview :: Death and Conspiracy (Sabel Security #7) by @SeeleyJamesAuth - @partnersincr1me

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This is my experience of reading the Sabel Security Series and first time reading the work of author Seeley James. I went into the book with a fresh perspective and with no other expectation than hours of reading entertainment.

Jacob Stearne, our protagonist, is in Paris for a vacation with his girlfriend. He (not) unexpectedly finds himself embroiled in a dark conspiracy involving Neo-Nazi fanatics when he tries to stop a terrorist attack in a church. What follows is a lot of undercover action on the part of Jacob, to uncover the next big attack planned by the fanatics. But as things start to clear up, it actually gets more difficult to understand who he can trust. Navigating the fringe group and uncovering the truth could be more than Jacob bargained for… And will he be able to stop the next attack before it’s too late?

This is one of those series I think that should be read in order. For instance, I was really taken aback by Mercury’s role and how Jacob deals with it at the beginning. I also wished that I had a bit more background on who Jacob really was. It did hamper my reading experience a bit in the beginning.

However, once the plot took off there is enough action and drama to keep the readers hooked. There is something happening in almost every chapter that propels the plot a bit further and encourages the reader to guess who can and cannot be trusted alongside Jacob. The plot is multifaceted and has different aspects to it to attract a wide range of readers while keeping the thriller fans hooked. I did like Jacob by the end of the book. Even with all his quirks, he is a protagonist you can get behind.

This fast paced thriller with quirky characters is a good entertainer and I will be going back to the beginning of the series to discover how the author introduces Jacob to the world.

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  1. I have seen nothing but exciting reviews of this book. I need to get my hands on a copy.