22 January, 2020

#SpecialFeature :: Meet Vikram Rana from Vikram Rana Mystery Series - @shenoy_sharmi

*** Special Feature - January 2020 ***

About Sharmishtha Shenoy

Sharmishtha Shenoy is the author of the Vikram Rana Mystery series. The books under the series are “Vikram Rana Investigates,” “A Season for Dying,” “Behind the Scenes” and “Fatal Fallout”. She has also published a book of short stories, “Quirky Tales.”
Her short stories have been published in efiction magazine and Woman’s era. She loves writing murder mysteries, the kind of books that she likes to read. Her favorite authors are Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie. She also likes the work of Satyajit Ray – especially the Feluda Series. 
Before starting to write, she had been an IT professional and had worked in TCS, Satyam, Infosys, and Microsoft. 
She is a big foodie and enjoys Biriyani (both Hyderabadi and Awadhi versions) and rasgullas like most Bengalis. She is also a lusty singer of the bathroom singing variety.
Though she is happily married to Mr. Shenoy in real life, in her fantasy world she is wedded to her creation Vikram Rana.  You can get to her blog by typing the word “Sharmishtha Rana” into Google. No, seriously, try it.
She was born in Calcutta. She is an M Tech from the University of Reading, Great Britain and had received a 100% British Government Scholarship to study there. She lives in Hyderabad.

Pros and cons of self-publishing

Vikram Rana is a Rajput, born and brought up in Hyderabad. He likes aloo parathas and masala chai and is a hard core foodie. Over six feet tall, he has an athletic build, which he maintains by swimming and jogging regularly. He is also a yoga addict. A lady-killer in his youth, Vikram, like George Clooney and good wine, is only getting better with age. 

Vikram used to be a police officer with a reputation for being tough, but fair. But he earned the wrath of the Commissioner of Police by going after a rich and corrupt politician who had murdered his driver. Despite Vikram's coming up with concrete proof of the politician's guilt, the commissioner  stepped in and had removed him from the investigation team. He was then transferred to Vizag. After working there for two years, he felt heartsick and weary and quit his job to open his own investigative agency.

He is still popular among his ex-colleagues for his dry wit and detective skills and has kept in touch with them, especially with his immediate senior Gopi Reddy, a foodie like him, which has only made their bond stronger. They worked well as a team when Vikram was a cop, and they have continued to work together on a number of cases in which Vikram was involved in a private capacity as an independent investigator.

Vikram has solved three high-profile cases after opening the agency. One involved his good friend, noted industrialist Rohan Lohia, who was now a sleeping partner in his agency. The other involved a big shot industrialist Krishna Mohan Dhavala. Recently Vikram also helped the Hyderabad police in nabbing a serial killer. His reputation has grown exponentially and now his agency is running successfully and he has more cases than he can handle. Nowadays he has the luxury of picking and choosing the cases he personally handles, leaving the mundane everyday cases to his able assistants Radha and Murali.

Vikram is a man of contradictions. Although organized and efficient in his professional life, he can be forgetful and silly in his personal life. And despite his public image of a tough and macho ex-cop, he is afraid of his pretty, but bossy, wife Veena. Veena is a Bengali beauty whose parents stay in Kolkata. Vikram met Veena at a common friend’s wedding and it was love at first sight. Unfortunately for Vikram, Veena is a vegan health freak. She never tires of trying to nag Vikram into eating healthy. Veena used to work at an MNC in Hyderabad, but after the birth of their daughter, Kamala, she is a stay-at-home mom. 

Kamala is a toddler and quite a handful.  She is simultaneously wonderful and exasperating. She charms Vikram and Veena with her sweet little girliness, her fire and spunk and her unabashed curiosity. She is fascinated with Vikram’s phone and is always fiddling with it. Though Vikram loves her to bits, he likes her better asleep than awake. 

About Fatal Fallout:

Check out the Book
When love is an obsession, rejection is fatal...
Beautiful model and aspiring actress Gauri is found dead on the highway from a gunshot wound. The jewelry she had been wearing and other valuables are missing. Is it a case of a robbery gone wrong? Or is it premeditated murder?
Gauri’s friends and family hold her boyfriend Akash responsible for the death. Gauri had recently broken up with him because of his abusive behavior. Did the fallout of the breakup turn fatal for her? Did Akash decide that if he couldn’t have her, nobody else would either?
Moreover, why did the film director Madhav hire detective Vikram Rana to investigate her death? Is it because he loved her, or because he wanted to point the needle of suspicion away from himself?
Adding to the puzzle, is the corrupt police inspector Phani Kuma sabotaging the case for his devious motives?
The media, meanwhile, is sensationalizing the case, and pressure is mounting on ACP Gopi Reddy to resolve the case at the earliest.
Ace detective Vikram Rana swings into action to untangle a complex web of abuse, lies, and murder to get to the truth.


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