23 February, 2020

#Spotlight :: Cooking Up Romance by Lynne Marshall

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Food isn’t the only way to this single dad’s heart…

Lacy was a redhead with a pink food truck who prepared mouthwatering meals. Hunky construction manager Zack Gardner agreed to let her feed his hungry crew in exchange for cooking lessons for his young daughter. But it looked like the lovely businesswoman was transforming the single dad’s life in more ways than one—since a family secret was going to change both of their lives in ways they never expected.

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That last afternoon they’d spent together, Emma had confessed she’d wished Lacy could be her mother. That had been part of what caused Lacy to run. Brushing Emma’s hair had also rattled Lacy, the fact that she was growing closer and closer to the child. Zack, of course, was the main reason for her pulling back, because getting in too deep with him was scary enough. Her mantra was, she lost what she loved. Life had proved it. But then when Emma made her wish out loud, the picture of a happy family became complete. Was that dream possible?

The battle continued from losing her mom so early, then Greg, and most recently, her father. It made her want all the more to find a blood family again. If one even existed. To belong to something. If they did exist, it might help balance the void she’d carried around all her life, and help her heal. Then, for once and for all she could pursue that happily-ever-after dream Zack hinted at. Yes, having it all was possible.

With her knees knocking over the thought, Lacy knew she wasn’t ready.

The question remained, would she ever be?

Falling in love with Zack had started in motion the derailing of her guarded heart, and two nights ago he’d so much as admitted he loved her, too. His confession had felt like a train wreck at the time. More than she could bear. Now, with distance between them, frozen in place over trying to find a long-lost relative, along with two days of loneliness, soul-searching and some clearing of her mind, his words were hard to believe. Had he really said I love you while they were dancing, or had she imagined it? And since he’d said those words, the biggest question was, why had she let him go?
Not ready, remember, stupid? Besides, he’d sung them not said them.

The tired excuse bugged her. Why was she so needy? A coward? Dad would be so disappointed.
More pacing ensued, with the addition of nail and cuticle biting. When she drew blood, she assumed she deserved it.

Lacy forced herself to sit again and pick up the crocheting, hoping her bloody fingernails wouldn’t stain the yarn. She’d never been more tired in her life. Tired of letting negative emotions run roughshod over her. Tired of being afraid of what life was supposed to be about. But didn’t she have some control over allowing that little girl to lose another person, a person Emma saw as a mommy figure? And what about Zack, who’d been walked out on?

Are you that cruel?

The idea of hurting a completely innocent party finally rubbed the stupid from her eyes. She dropped the crochet hook and yarn.

I love Zack, with all my heart, and there’s no point in denying it.

About the Author:
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USA Today Bestselling Author, Lynne Marshall has been traditionally published with Harlequin as a category romance author for more than thirteen years with over twenty-seven books, and more recently with TULE Publishing, she has also gone hybrid with self-publishing. She is a Southern California native, has been married to a New Englander for a long time, and has two adult children of whom she is super proud. She is also an adoring grandmother of two beautiful little girls, with a grandboy on the way, a woman of faith, a dog lover, a cat admirer, a meandering walker, a curious traveler, and an optimistic participant in this wild journey called life.

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