24 February, 2020

#Spotlight :: The Icon @carlagolian

About the Book:
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One day Victoria comes across a book “La Très Sainte Pyramide”. Her world turns upside down as disbelief and intrigue grasp her; the author is none other than the legendary ascended master, The Count of Saint Germain, and it is a new publication. How could it be possible for the three centuries old alchemist to have published a book? Mysteriously she becomes compelled and obsessed with this book of the master’s alchemical great work and has to get to the bottom of it. She journeys through Paris to hopefully find the alchemist. In Paris, a love story begins.

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VICTORIA BELL was on her bed reading, when she felt a strange sensation, a faint pulse tingling on her wrists simultaneously. She thought nothing of it, and continued reading. She was on her second read through “La Très Sainte Pyramide”. The sensations in her palms and wrists intensified, and she felt the soles of her feet begin to pulse. Alarmed, she placed the book on the night stand, and examined her hands. The vibrations were intensifying from both extremities, and slowly, they spread to all her body. Shocked, she coiled down onto the bed; scared, and overwhelmed. A deep throb was pulsating through her body. It was a sweet ache, and an unbearably intense pain. Something she had never felt before. She was trying to stay calm, and in control of the situation, but she was powerless against the force. Her eyes were tearing, and she was groaning from the intense vibrations. It was pain and ecstasy at the same time. An invisible force had consumed her. She sobbed, and wailed, until the pain became so intense that she could not bear it anymore, and she passed out, into an ecstatic limbo, out of reality, but not in a dream. She could not be sure how long she was out for, when she came to. She opened her eyes, and looked around the room for a sign. She was still in a state of shock. The aroma of flowers lingered in the air. She took a deep breath—Gardenias and Violets. As a landscape designer, she knew flowers like the back of her hand. She took another breath of the sweet aroma, and closed her eyes. Stigma? Is this stigmata? Victoria was not particularly religious, but her belief in God was unquestionable, and prayer, a habit. Not out of obligation, it was the special bond she had with God, where she shared not only her deepest secrets, pains, and pleads of mercy, but usually of love and compassion, for the existence of her miraculous God.

About the Author:

Writing poetry was a love while I was growing up, and writing short stories got me through my teenage years. I rekindled my love for writing when I wrote the script to a short comedy “Don’t Gag Me” which I produced and star in under my stage name Carolena Sabah. The film is about a dental hygienist who turns dominatrix in a nervous patient’s fantasy. It’s a fun and clean 9-minute comedy. When I won the Experimental Witch Film Competition, based on the book “The Witch of Portobello”, I got to meet Paulo Coelho. Our meetings inspired my first publication “Dreams of Love: A Book of Poems and Short Stories”. The Icon is my latest occult romance fiction.

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