26 February, 2020

#Spotlight :: Perfect by @llucasauthor

About the Book:
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One ordinary day.
Eighty-five missed calls.
Fifteen voicemails.
Seventy-five texts.
And at that moment Chloe knew that her world was about to come crashing down.

There’s nothing more freeing than pressing the reset button on your life.
When romance writer Chloe Jennings moves to Nashville she uses the opportunity to leave behind her introverted, co-dependent ways and push herself out of her comfort zone. After spending most of her adult life relying on boyfriends for love and attention, she gave herself a single rule in her path to self-discovery.
No men for three hundred and sixty-five days.

Dylan Holt is a six-foot, tattooed, brown-eyed distraction Chloe didn’t need.
Everywhere Chloe went, Dylan was there. The further she pushed him away, the closer it pulled them together.
And in her path to find herself, she found something more.

But when tragedy strikes, will Chloe lose her chance at a happily ever after before it even began?

Read an Excerpt from Perfect

“Are there bears around here?” she asks in all seriousness.


She looks at me, not knowing if she should believe me or not. I’ve never seen a bear here, but the cabin is pretty secluded in a forest. There are few more cabins, but they’re on the other side of the lake and I’m guessing they’re usually empty.

“What do I do if one comes up to me?”

“I don’t think they’ll just come and say hi to you. They’re not dogs. They’ll just lunge at you and eat you,” I say nonchalantly.

“That’s not funny! I’ve seen videos of them opening doors and fridges. They’re very smart.”

“Do you want me to stay out here with you? I can sit on the other side of the porch on my laptop while you write here. This way if bears come they’ll get me first.”

“What if they come from this side?” She looks over, trying to see behind her.

“Then you die first.”

“Should have bought bear spray,” she mumbles while she adjusts the blankets and pillows I brought out for her on the porch swing.


“Hmmm?” She doesn’t look up from her laptop.

“If a bear comes on your side I’ll run and save you in time.” I falsely reassure her. As much as I would love to save Chloe, there’s probably no way I’d be fast enough. Can’t believe we’re still going on about the bears. It’s not something that even remotely crossed my mind today. Or any other time I’ve been here.

“Thank you.” She looks up at me and smiles.

I take my laptop and my notebook and get comfortable on the porch swing on the other side of the door. I intentionally lie diagonally across the swing so I have a nice view of her over my laptop because I really love watching her face when she writes. I don’t know if writing face is a thing, but she has the cutest one. I can see her feeling the emotions she’s putting down. My favorite is when she sweetly smiles at the screen when she writes something she’s proud of. She got stuck into her writing right away, and I spent the hour pretending to do things on my laptop while I watched her.

As the sky slowly gets brighter and the sun starts rising Chloe looks away from her laptop more and more. When the lake becomes visible enough she puts on her boots and one of the blankets around herself.

“I’m going to get a closer look.”

“Just be careful. Two of my little cousins died when the alligator came up really fast.” I try really hard to keep a straight face even when she’s frowning at me with her mouth half open.

“You’re lying.” She squints at me.

“It was even worse when my aunt Betty tried to save them and these bears ran right towar—”

“Dylan, that’s not funny.” She tightens the blanket around her shoulders and walks to the lake. I’m glad I stayed on the porch because the view from here is so perfect I had to grab my phone to take a photo. The sky is now reflecting off the lake, with the only thing standing out being Chloe’s silhouette. She watched the sunrise and I watched her.

About the Author:

Leila Lucas is a bookworm from Melbourne, Australia. She’s a wife and a mom to a feline fur baby, Panda. When she’s not reading or writing she can be found binge watching true crime shows, doing crosswords or cooking. And when she does leave the house she’s usually at the gym, shopping or looking for cats to pat.

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