02 April, 2020

#Spotlight :: Cinderfella by @KBrownauthor

About the Book:
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She’s running from her title and a man she doesn’t love.
He’s just a farm boy who dreams of becoming more.
She has all the luxuries in the world but is never truly happy.
He is forced to sleep in a barn and treated like a slave.
She just wants to be invisible; he just wants to be seen
When their two worlds collide, can they really live out their perfect dream?
Throw in a hint of magic, a glass slipper and a ball.
Add two nasty stepbrothers and then just maybe, love can conquer all.

Read an Excerpt:


     Bolting upright, I’ve must’ve fallen asleep. The rickety wooden door bangs relentlessly against the frame. Rain explodes furiously above me on the old rotten roof. Gus grunts. I lean over and pat him.
   “It’s okay boy. It’s just a storm. Go back to sleep.”
There it is again. Shit, something’s in here! Carefully, I rise to my feet. Grabbing my weapon, I tiptoe closer to the sound. It’s dark, but I have the advantage; knowing this place like the back of my hand. My heart’s hammering against my chest, but I’ve taken on enough wild animals and brothers in my life, so I don’t know why I’m feeling so anxious. Whatever this is, it shouldn’t have chosen my barn to raid. A shadow catches my eye as it drunkenly stumbles about knocking buckets over. The figure’s cloaked, with its back to me.
   “Jack? Is that you?” I whisper, expecting him to turn and laugh in my face. I often catch him hanging around. The figure is still, which is unnerving. I don’t think this is Jack. “Show yourself!” I demand, trying to hide the shake in my voice. The figure straightens up. I relax a little, as I’m at least a foot taller than him. Walking forward, rake up, ready to attack. “I said…show yourself.” I point my weapon at its hooded head. “Show yourself or I’ll be forced to…”
   “Put the rake down.”
   “A girl?” I lower the rake slightly, but not fully. This could be a trick. She may have a gang waiting outside. There’s talk about town, of gangs looting local farms. “You’re a girl?”
   “That’s right. Now put it down before I put you down,” she hisses.
   “Feisty. I like that.” I reach in my back pocket for my torch.
   “No sudden moves…I mean it.” She’s well spoken; possibly trying to disguise her voice.
   “Did my brothers put you up to this?”
   “If you don’t back off …you’ll be sorry.” I can’t help but laugh. “I’m not joking you…you great lug!” 
   “Funny.” I go for my torch again.
 Before I can blink, the rake is snatched away. Pain streaks across the backs of my knees as my own weapon works against me.  In a blur, my feet go over my head. Then comes a crashing bolt of pain when my arse hits the floor.
   “What the hell?” I wince.
   “I told you,” she says, throwing the rake at the ground. Jumping to my feet, I grab her arm. “Please. Don’t.”
   “Now you’re scared? I’ve had enough for one night. So, what? You’ve come in to my home to what? Attack me? Steal from me?”
   “This is your home?”
  I grab her arm tighter. “Have they sent you in as a decoy?”
   “Back off. I mean it.”
   “Say please.”
   “Please.” She pulls her arm away. “Good. I don’t want to hurt you again.”
   “Oh please.” I laugh, “That was pure luck.”
   “Really.” I flick my torch on. “Take your hood down.”
   “Look, I meant no harm.” Her hands go up defensively.
   “Take it down.”
   “I just needed somewhere to rest.” She pulls her hood down. White blonde hair tumbles over her shoulders. Her eyes are a deep green, yet so sad. My breath catches, and I don’t know if it’s because I was expecting a street girl, or that she’s so striking. 
I lower my torch down her body. Under her cloak there’s a fancy ball gown, which looks like a year’s salary at least. I go back to focus on her face.
   “You’re…” I want to say beautiful, but don’t. Sounding like some cheesy pervert who sleeps with pigs, would only scare her off. And I don’t want her to leave yet. For some reason, I feel more awake, more alive in the past five minutes than I have in years. Was it possible to have a connection with someone so instantly? I never believed in all that flaky romance crap before. Love at first sight only happens in romance novels… Plus this girl has some major anger issues. So why aren’t I throwing her out?

   “I’m?” she asks again, her almond shaped eyes widen.  I’m staring at her like a total dumb ass. 

About the Author:
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I'm Kristy and I live in the U.K. I have always written short stories and poetry. I went to university to study acting which I loved, but my real passion has always been writing. So now I write the kind of stories I would have wanted to read as a teen. "Kiera's Quest-Awakenings" is my first ebook. There are four in the teen fantasy series, 'Sacrifices,' 'Perceptions,' and 'Choices.'( Muse It Up Publishing.) Kiera's Quest is now also available in paperback, book one includes the first two e-books, and book two (paperback) will be out 2020. The new paperback versions have been slightly rewritten and updated.
My YA contemporary romance book, "Just Sam," Is available on Amazon in print & on Kindle as is my YA/ New Adult fairy tale retelling, 'Cinderfella.'
I dreamt the lead male character in"Summer's End," a YA Paranormal romance series, published again with with 'Muse It Up Publishing.' Alex was so real and vivid that I had to write him.This title is also available in print and e-book. Book two of this series "Summer's Lost" is out December 2019. I'm currently editing book three to this series. I love reading YA angels,vamps etc. I love my kids and hopefully one day they will enjoy my crazy tales!

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