08 May, 2020

#SpecialFeature :: Read an Excerpt from the #PsychologicalThriller Until the Music Stops

*** Special Feature May 2020 ***

About the Book:
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He is not crazy for her.

He is just crazy.

It is impossible not to like Grace Malhotra—she loves her family, her friends, and she does everything right. All she wants is a normal life. But she makes one mistake: She thinks everyone is as nice as her. And Amir Malik makes her pay for it. He starts tormenting her again.

Thus begins a game of cat and mouse that leaves Grace questioning everything she knows, including her sanity. The cracks in her relationship with her husband begin to show. Will they be able to get through this together? Will she be able to get away from Amir alive?

Read an Excerpt from Until the Music Stops

Forget your name because it's written in my heart,
Lose your voice because I'm the one it's been calling for.
You've been a stubborn girl and must be spanked,
So stop fighting the truth and drop down your pants.
The games will be harder and the nights will be longer,
My patience is running out so hold on stronger.
Come with me and sanity will be yours,
Or you and I can dance this little dance until the music stops.

P.S. I hope you keep all your doors locked.

The words failed to register in her mind for a moment, and then suddenly they seized her and she started to choke. She tried to get up but was pushed back down. She held the side of her bed and dropped down to the ground. Her legs seemed like sticks pasted to her body. She couldn't stand. She started crawling and dragged her body down the stairs and towards the front door, whimpering like a wounded animal.
She always kept a spare key buried in the garden and knew he would’ve dug it out by then. She could feel it turning in the lock as she bolted the door from inside. The doorknob turned, but the door stood firm. She felt his hand land flat on the wooden surface in frustration. Her face had been so close to the door that when it shook, she fell back.
'We are stronger than this, love,’ he said. 'And you know it.’
Then his footsteps started receding.
He's gone, Grace thought, and sprawled out on the floor. She let the tears finally flow and breathed a sigh of relief. Every inch of her body was screaming for help. She had been so close to her breaking point—any more and she would've given up.
'But the Lord does not give anyone more than he can handle,’ she said, and kissed the ground.
Tell that to the victims of natural disasters and terminal cancers, her mind answered.
She could hear the footsteps again. When one door closes, another opens, that's what she had always been taught. It was never the front door, and she knew it.
She scrambled to her feet and looked at her reflection. She had puffy eyes and her nose was red. The girl had been crying, she thought. She heard soft humming sounds coming from around the back. There was someone in the house. The girl was crying because someone was in her house, she pieced together.
'Eureka!’ she said. 'Quite a first day on the job, detective.’
She ran through the corridor and felt the cool air rushing in through the back door and whistling in her ears. She took a right and expected to see a gaping hole welcoming the murderer inside the house. But the door was closed.
She put her hands on her knees and tried to catch her breath. She could hear him. He was still there.
Then she realized that she had been a big fool. Never trust a crook, that was one of the first things she had been taught on the job. But she had missed it. She shook her head. She knew if he said a door, it was probably going to be a window.
She had never lost a man in her ten years of service, and she sure as hell wasn't planning to start that night. She ran up the stairs and pushed the door of the bedroom wide open. He was standing near the window. She pointed her empty hands at him.
The glass cracked under his feet as he stepped forward and held out his hand.
'Ready to go, love?’ he asked.
'No, no, why are you doing this?’ she said. 'Leave me alone.’

About the Author:
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Naimish Srivastava is a twenty-two-year-old writer and spoken-word poet based in Delhi. He reached the Top 15 of AIB First Draft in its first season, and is the author of two novels - Thinking Out Loud and Until the Music Stops. He writes in a professional capacity as a Copywriter during the day, and in a personal capacity (with a cup of tea) through the night.

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