31 May, 2020

#Spotlight :: Gray Pages by Ayushi Raghuwanshi

About the Book:
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The poems in the book would take one to a journey where a lost soul finds a ray of hope. The progression from a dark night to a bright dawn is beautifully presented through the rhymes. Words which come directly from the heart and headed straight to the hearts.

The following book description would rightly provide a beautiful insight- 
"Each word on each page
 Expressing emotions a hundredth
From feeling lost to feeling alive
All in this one pretty life
This book takes you on a journey
With pricky thorns and even honey."

The power of words lies in the ability of those words to touch the hearts, the poems in the book do not fail on this parameter. 

An excerpt from Gray Pages


And sometimes I fail to stand on my own
Why does the world always demand you
to be strong?
Why being happy is always the norm?
Can’t I be weak at times and ask for a
shoulder to cry on?
This empty room and the four walls are
always the ones that witness me moan
Sob with tears when I get tired of
constantly standing strong
In making peace with sickening things
each day right from the dawn
And those times I fail to stand on my
Can’t I need a familiar voice to reassure
that everything will be past gone
I’m not phenomenally capable of dealing
with all things on my own
At times even my spirits are low and
And I look for someone to say, “I’m right
here, just go on”
Isn’t it okay if I say, sometimes I fail to
stand on my own?


Your love also waxed and waned
Alike the moon and also seasons that
Before I could even realize
You always disappeared alike the mist
with the sunrise
Before I could ask you to be the reason
behind my smile
My happiness, security and all that has
no price.
You left yet again, after having ignored
All that was on my plate, all that I
Forcing me to now close all the doors
Which wouldn’t open again for you
whenever you would knock
There wouldn’t be a room for even small
As this is how you have been
You care, that’s what you have been
But you have been no different
You always arrived like a tenant
And left whenever you felt like
Without leaving a real reason behind


A bright beautiful morning of Christmas
in December
It felt so good to stay in bed rather than
wake up and wander
Thought after thought, rather say
memories of the past
Crossed my mind as if some breeze
carrying along the remains asunder
In a moment which made me smile and
in the next reminded me of the stumble
Could you realize how it was the
memories that did all the wonders
A million memories we hold with one
Which is what binds us with emotions
It felt so good to reflect upon those in
which you and I were together
Even in your absence the memories
played their part undercover
These memories are the only thing that
remain with us forever


And tonight she breathed
Alive and complete
Beneath the full moon
Asking for the moment to just freeze
With the rhyme of the rustling leaves
Slowly playing the music
Which she needs
The face of the full moon
Turned healing for the first time
It was like she was born again
In the lap of nature, breathing fine
Her hair swayed by the breeze
It was all like an ointment
And the soul was finally at ease

About the Author:
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I am Ayushi Raghuwanshi, pursuing my law final year from Amity University Rajasthan. I got two books published on Amazon kdp last year. One was non-fiction, "Is India ready for gender neutral laws" and the other, "Dazzled by Illusion" which was a collection of poems. 

Gray Pages is the third book published this year in April. 

Writing comes easily to me and poems turn out to be strength as they have the ability to touch the hearts. 

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