28 May, 2020

Read an #Excerpt from Lucky, in Love by @sTORIbooks

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Gage Scott let go of love a long time ago.

After his parents divorced, he learned love only ends up hurting people. He vowed to himself he would never be hurt again because he would never love. He leaves everything and everyone he ever knew behind him and begins a new life built on rules against love. When fate brings him back to the place and people he left thirteen years ago, he learns there are somethings he can’t escape.

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Sexy as hell Ashe Bennett doesn’t tie himself to anything or anyone.

When determination is strong, but flesh is weak, Emerson may be the one chain Ashe refuses to break.

… but will their fire explode and burn out? Or will they become one star burning brighter together, than they ever did apart?

Read an Excerpt from Lucky, in Love

“Okay.” Darren points to a few girls using his beer bottle. “That’s Maggie and that’s Sarah. Hey Mags, hey Sarah—this is Kace; he’s an actor.”

​“Model,” I correct.

​“I mean model.” The girls walk over and giggle so much I can’t even understand them. Darren teases that I may have a fan group as they walk in the other direction to a larger group. I turn back to Abbi, and that’s when I see her. Abbi walks arm in arm with a girl who—in a glance—takes my breath away. I remember her wearing pure white sneakers and cutoff jean shorts that barely show from under the oversized pink sweatshirt draping off her shoulder. Her legs look like they’re a mile long. They’re thin but shapely—her thighs are thicker, but toned. As they get closer, I notice her hair is long and in a high ponytail with some windblown hair around her face. Her ponytail lays over one of her shoulders and is nearly to her waist.

“Who is that?” I whisper.

​“That’s Lucky.”

​Just as Darren answers, they approach us. “This is Kace,” Abbi starts, “Kace, this is my best friend in the entire universe Lucky.”

​“Lucky,” I whisper her name, and she smiles. “It’s nice to meet you.”

​“The pleasure is mine, Kace.” And that’s when I first hear my name from the sweetest voice in the entire universe. “I’m sorry to hear about your grandma.” Before I can even thank her, she reaches out with her arms open and offers me a hug. The second she touches me, lightning shoots through my entire body. I embrace her in return and pull her against me. As she reaches her arms around my neck, my hands slide around her waist and onto exposed skin. If her mouth wouldn’t have been angled to my ear, I probably wouldn’t have heard her breath catch at our contact, but it does, and I hear it—loud and clear. “Abbi said you’re only going to be here a little while longer,” she asks as we separate and quickly find each other’s eyes—I’ll never forget that color. Her eyes are a perfect violet. I remember thinking I could stare a lifetime into her eyes.

​“That’s right, but I’m here now, so let’s not worry about me leaving. Deal?”

​“Deal!” She smiles at me, and right then—I am gone.

“Beer?” I offer, and she gladly accepts. I hand her the bottle and watch as she tips it to her lips, and I notice how full they are. When she wraps them around the tip of the bottle, that’s a whole new level of awe. I don’t want to blink and miss a second of her. I am completely captivated by her. She’s stunning. There’s a delicate black strap over her shoulder, taunting me from the wide-angled neck of her top. The way the light hits her skin, it looks as though it glows. I wonder what it feels like to touch it. Conversations flow, but I can’t stop taking in every detail of the beauty across from me. Her neck is long and slender, and her clavicle makes her bare shoulder look even more sexy. Lucky ties me in knots from the start.

“Hey, Lucky!” Abbi grabs Lucky’s arm. “Did you bring your camera?”

​“Of course,” Lucky steps back and jogs into the shadows. I remember missing her the second she leaves. Within moments, she returns and for the second time, the sight of her takes my breath away. She hands the camera to Abbi, and I’m not sure what off-color comment Abbi makes about Darren, but it makes Lucky laugh. There’s no other laugh like hers—none that I have ever heard. After Abbi takes a few pictures of Darren in his current state, she takes a few of her friends.

​“How about you two? Smile!” Abbi points the camera at us, and I extend my arm, and Lucky nestles perfectly against me, wrapping her arms around my waist, while I hold her shoulders firmly. A smile never comes so easy…

Everyone starts cleaning up, and sobering up. Lucky and I go for a walk, she says she wants to see the moon on the water again. We walk around the lighthouse to the inlet, and it is breathtaking. It’s just the two of us, and the breeze blows loose strands of her hair, and I can’t wait another second.

“Lucky,” I whisper her name—loving the sound of it. She looks from the water to me, the moon reflected in her eyes. I step as close to her as I can and place my hands tenderly at her jaw line. “Can I kiss you?” I ask her with a lick of my bottom lip, while she sink her teeth into hers. “God, you’re beautiful,” I whisper, and it sounds like a plea.

“I’ve been waiting for this since the second I saw you, Kace, but if I hadn’t been—what you just said, and the way you said it—would have made me want to kiss you.” Lucky tilts her head as her eyes flutter closed…


“Sir, we’ll be preparing to land. Please return your tray to the upright position.” I nod to the flight attendant and comply with her request. I turn my attention back to the picture of Lucky and me at the lighthouse from that night and remember the kiss that nearly brought me to my knees and left me breathless.

Hindsight is always perfect… I clearly see that I made the biggest mistake of my life the day I walked away from Lucky MacIntyre over twenty years ago...

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Victoria loves reading great romance! She writes steamy contemporary romance and loves sharing the stories she has written with readers! There’s nothing like knowing that her characters have nestled their way into someone’s heart, just like they’re in hers. She’s a day dreamer, star gazer, and loves watching the moon come and go. Victoria loves being an author, but her favorite job title is—mom! 

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