03 May, 2020

#Spotlight :: Through His Eyes by @abracabadra01

About the Book:
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Meera Bhatt's upbringing had been outsourced ever since she was born. Through his Eyes is a narration of her journey from a toddler to an adult. She reflects on how her helper taught her to distinguish between right and wrong without speaking a single word.

Did she get lost in translation amidst his guidance?

Or did she find her way out to be a mature young adult?

Read an Excerpt from Through His Eyes

"Just be yourself," I said. "Relax!" A calm breeze fluttered my scarf and long shirt, caressing my skin as if to welcome me home.

Jay paced in front of the bench outside of the New Delhi International Airport. Exhaust fumes filled the air.

"Be cool." I watched a bank of clouds part to let the sun shine down on this city. "But, don't be frosty cool."

He glared at me.

"Be funny. But not that funny since you're not funny at all."

"Oh! Stop it, Meera!" Jay snapped, furiously blinking his eyes.

Despite Jay's mood, I couldn't contain my excitement. The leaves of the trees rustled like they were trying to whisper, welcome back in a code only I could decipher. I drummed my feet on the concrete and let childhood memories surface in my mind. Cars came and went, and I fixated on locating a specific car model and a particular driver.

Jay looked at his watch ten times. Finally, he asked, "When is Dada coming?"

I shrugged and kept watching.

"We could have spent our summer holidays at my parents' home, just as we celebrated Diwali. Your parents are never at home." He made a pout.

I stood up to face him, hands on my hips, "We had to come here to meet Dada and Tai. Dada needs to meet you and approve you with his eyes, Jay. You know the drill."

Jay winced. "Yes ... yes. I have heard how he has brought you up without saying a single word. I admire him, although don't you think it's too late for his approval?"

"Not really," I said, thinking back to when Dada came to know that I was on a dating spree instead of concentrating on getting my degree. "If he frowns at you as he did at Aditya in twelfth grade, I'll be dumping you." This time my voice was stern and sincere.

Jay snorted like a pig.

About the Author:
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A Biochemist turned writer who gathers inspiration from the society where she writes about issues that stalk the mind of the man via tales of fiction. She projects the mental growth of her characters thus, making her readers tag her work as, "Books that make you ponder!"

She blogs at Abracabadra which has been featured as "Top Blog" for three years. Many of her write-ups have been published on LifeHack, HubPages to name a few.

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