17 June, 2020

#BookReview :: Secrets Hidden in the Glass (Carter Island #1) by @CateBeauman

About the Book:
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The secrets of the past are always closer than we think…

Stained glass artist Callie Davis is in desperate need of a vacation. Burnt out and on the edge of a nervous breakdown, she’s fleeing the pressures of her career and is taking refuge on Massachusetts’ tiny Carter Island. Callie yearns for long, lazy days and pretty walks on the beach—blessed solitude and an escape from the complications of her life. Then she bumps into gorgeous Nate Carter and everything changes.

Sheriff Nathan Carter couldn’t be happier now that the height of the summer season has finally come and gone. After four endless months, tourists have packed their bags and headed for the mainland. The quiet days of autumn are about to befall the town—the way Nate and his fellow Sandersonians like it best.

But nothing ends up quite the way Nate expects when he meets the beautiful blonde with the big blue eyes. Callie’s pretty smiles hide secrets—deep, dark mysteries that could cost them both their lives if they continue digging into the past and cross a killer’s path.

*A contemporary romance with twists of mystery and suspense

When the pressure of her career pushed her close to a nervous breakdown, Callie Davis decides to take a break. She decides to go to a small town off the coast and rent a cottage where she can relax and rejuvenate. Her plans include taking it easy, long walks on the beach and avoid all complications of her normal life at any cost. She hadn’t counted on meeting her landlord and the local Sheriff Nathan Carter, nor had she expected a sizzling chemistry with the man. To top it off, her past comes chasing back and will not be ignored. Will Callie be able to handle what life throws at her or will she give in to it? Will Nathan, who normally wishes for less tourists and calm lifestyle on the island, be able to help Callie after all?

I have previously enjoyed the author’s ‘The Bodyguards of L.A. County’ series. I do prefer romantic suspense genre that has mystery, suspense and action to offer along with sizzling chemistry. To top that the premise of Carter Island series attracted me as I do love a small-town setting. I was bound to pick up this series at some point.

As I expected, Author Cate Beauman provided the readers with a small-town setting that is easy to fall in love with. A community where people have known each other for years and are friendly and helpful. Carter Island is on all accounts a perfect place for people who like to sit back and enjoy the slower pace of life and place more importance on family and community life. At the same time, it also has that eerie air of a place where you get the feeling that there are secrets that have probably outlasted generations.

Callie has had a life that has been both a curse and a blessing. She has experiences from her childhood that are better forgotten. At the same time, she has received love and help from unexpected corners. With a high-flying career in the city, Callie is an independent woman who is also delicate in many ways. As such, the loyal and caring Nathan Carter makes a perfect balance with Callie. Together they are a pair that you want to read about. There are few supporting characters that help the readers understand the community setting of Carter Island and help shape up the plot. The story offers a dash of romance with a pinch of mystery and just a little bit of suspense – enough to keep you glued to the pages as you discover this world, its people and enjoy Callie’s journey to discovering herself.

My only gripe with the book is that its pace faltered many a times. Tighter narration would have made this a perfect read that you’d want to read in a single sitting.

Review Copy received from the Author.