01 June, 2020

#SpecialFeature :: Introducing @DanielNewwyn, #Author of The Colour of Your Voice

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*** Special Feature - June 2020***

About the Author:
Author's Amazon Page

Daniel Newwyn is an aspiring writer, a professional eSports gamer, and a translator. His works in Romance, Sci-fi, Thriller, and Humor have won a number of online awards, and are listed among the promising Undiscovered Writers of Wattpad. As of current, he is the chief content producer of insightful eSport contents such as Hearthstone Rankstar Wild Report. Daniel earned his Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Sydney, and is on his way to complete his PhD in Psychology.

Daniel on the Web:
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Author Trivia:

Daniel Newwyn won the third prize in the Vietnamese New Age Writing Contest in 2012. In which category did he win the award?

1. Romance
2. Literary Fiction
3. Science Fiction

Correct Answer: Literary Fiction

Daniel Newwyn’s latest romance novella, The Color of Your Voice, was inspired by a real life death row prisoner. Where did he come across the source of his inspiration?

1. A local newspaper article
2. A community event
3. Facebook

Correct Answer: A local newspaper article

In his upcoming Science Fiction, The Last Woman on Earth, what will be the literary classic mentioned throughout the book?

1. Anna Karenina
2. Gone with the Wind
3. War and Peace

Correct Answer: Anna Karenina

Daniel worked many jobs before settling as an English tutor. What was Daniel’s first official job? 

1. Cashier at Chatime
2. Professional Hearthstone player
3. Bookeeper

Correct Answer: Bookeeper

Fun Fact:

Daniel Newwyn re-edited his novella The Color of Your Voice at least 200 times, before he stopped counting his number of re-edits.

About the Book:
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What happens when a call girl and a death row prisoner fall in love?

Violet Pham can see sounds. The brown chirps of the sparrows dance with the colors of their feathers. The green blobs from her mother weave into her squeaky berates.

She believes she was born to become a painter but after being labeled as a burden by everyone around her, she questions that belief. The colors around the sounds become a curse rather than a gift. With her future unsettled and her family mired in debt, there is only one solution: run away from everything.

That’s when she meets Turner Nguyen. He’s everything she wishes she could be—an iron will and a flint heart. There’s only one thing wrong with him. He’s at the center of gang wars, uses his fists to collect debts, and makes his money off the addiction of others.

Soon, the sound of his words paints Violet’s world with the ugly shade of disaster. Where will they go from here?

'The Color of Your Voice' is a tragic, depressing love story that speaks to the lows of human experience. It deals with themes of self-esteem, desperation, and salvation. If this is your cup of tea, then this book is for you.


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