30 August, 2020

#BookReview - The Backyard Tales by @anieshabrahma #ChildrensBook #Adventure

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Pippo is the showrunner of The Backyard Tales. Even though Pippo is a cat with a certain power, he is a homebody who loves his 'hooman'. He rarely ventures out and has been trying to ignore the 'summons' that he can feel every night. But when he finally answers the 'call', one thing leads to another and Pippo discovers the world of The Witch. However, to actually find out what The Witch and her gang of oddball creatures were up to, Pippo takes on a magical adventure. When Mia Basu Roy decided to take in a stray kitten, she is ready for a furry friend in her life. She expected some cuddles, little bit of playtime and maybe someone to 'talk' to when things got tough. Little did she know that Pippo has the power to talk back and would lead her on to an adventure of a lifetime.

Welcome to a magical world were animals can talk, where friendships and loyalty are a thing and where Pippo and his human come together to rescue other animals in there neighbourhood. The story explores various characters (both human and animal) and portray their growth together as they discover a different world and begin to understand each other. The bond between Pippo and Mia is such a beautiful one, especially since they are so similar in so many ways, and they bolster each other in ways that can only happen when you are open to possibilities.

You'd think that as a middle aged woman, I'd find this children's book a bit juvenile. That wasn't the case at all. While this book would be ideal for children to learn about friendships, loyalty and also help learn a bit about empathy; this is also a fun and light book that could probably teach a thing or two to grown ups about the animals that surround them.

All in all, a simple and fun story that can take you on an adventure (even better if you are reading it with your kid) for an afternoon and leave you feeling light and happy.