27 August, 2020

Read an #Excerpt from Anarchist, Republican... Assassin by @jeffrasley #PoliticalDrama #DarkHumour

About the Book:
COVID-19 is spreading across the country. Peaceful demonstrations for Black Lives Matter after the murder by cop of George Floyd have turned violent. President Trump’s handling of the pandemic seems incompetent and chaotic. Infections and deaths continue to rise. When Attorney General Barr orders riot police and troops to clear peaceful protesters from Lafayette Square for Trump’s photo-op with a Bible, something snaps in Jack Blair. After a psychotic episode he is thrown into prison, and his life is threatened by white nationalist boogaloo bois.

Yet, amid the fear of the virus, police brutality, and riots, there is a love story. Sherry Clemens, an industrial heiress, and Jack Blair, a militant anarchist, fall in love. Will he forsake the revolution for her? What does she know about his covert revolutionary activities? How can her conservative Republican family accept him?
The love story and the crazy politics of our time intertwine and clash. Gloria Hughes, a young idealistic ACLU attorney, needs to untangle the mess and free Jack Blair. The Trump Administration is determined to stop her.

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Read an Excerpt from Anarchist, Republican... Assassin: A Political Novel

I loved coming home from the office on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon seeing her out in the yard picking up sticks from our big oak tree. I’d park the car, hustle out to her, lift her off her feet and hug and snuggle her right there in the front yard. The fresh smell of mowed grass and a little smudge of dirt on her beautiful tan cheek, well, it turned me on. If the kids weren’t home, we’d hold hands and she’d walk me around the yard showing me how her rose bushes were doing or what she’d planted in the little garden she kept out behind the pool. Sometimes, I just picked her up and carried her into our bedroom. We’d make love and then jump in the pool still naked.

I start to break down again. I’m going backward in my story instead of forward in telling what happened with Sherry. It’s harder than I expected. Talking about her makes her sort of come back to life for me. It’s painful and sweetly poignant at the same time. But I know I have to move on, because Ms. Hughes can’t spend the whole night imprisoned here in this little room.

April was the cruelest month. It was the month Sherry was supposed to turn fifty-eight, if she lived to the twenty-ninth. She died on April twenty-seven.

She insisted on staying home those last few weeks. We had hospice, a home healthcare service, and a housekeeper to help me in every way that I needed. Sherry was taking acetaminophen and haloperidol to minimize her pain and sedate her enough she could sleep some of the time.

I sat on the side of the bed or lay beside her about twenty-four hours every day of the last two weeks of her life. We kept a speaker phone beside the bed, so she could talk to Ben and Lydia every day. She was losing her voice to the throat cancer, so the last few times she talked to the kids all she could do was croak out the word, love. That’s what my beautiful wife was at the end for Ben and Lydia. She was just love.

About the Author:
Jeff Rasley is the author of ten books; the most recent is You Have to Get Lost Before You Can Be Found: A Memoir of Suffering, Grit, and Love of the Himalayas and Basa Village.  He has published numerous articles in academic and mainstream periodicals, including Newsweek, Chicago Magazine, ABA Journal, Family Law Review, The Journal of Communal Societies, and Friends Journal.  He is an award-winning photographer and his pictures taken in the Himalayas and Caribbean and Pacific islands have been published in several journals.  He has appeared as a featured guest on over 100 radio and podcast programs.

Rasley has engaged in social activism and philanthropic efforts from an early age.  In high school he co-founded the Goshen Walk for Hunger.  In law school he was an advocate for renters' rights as the leader of the first rent strike in Indiana, and he served as a lobbyist and president of the Indianapolis Tenants Association.  As an attorney for Legal Services organization he was lead counsel on two class action suits on behalf of prisoners which resulted in judgments requiring the construction of two new jails in Central Indiana.  Jeff founded free legal clinics at two inner-city churches. He was the lead plaintiff in a class action requiring the clean-up of the White River after it was polluted by an industrial chemical spill.  Jeff is the founder and former president of the Basa Village Foundation USA, which raises money for culturally sensitive development work in the Basa area of Nepal.  He currently serves as president of Scientech, which promotes science education, and is a director of five other nonprofit organizations.

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