03 September, 2020

#BookReview :: Falling in Puppy Love by Sarah Fischer & Kelsey McKnight - #ContemporaryRomance @TulePublishing

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Aiden Hughes could not have predicted the turn of events in his professional life. One moment he has a thriving career as a journalist and the next, it is gone. He is forced to return to a small town he has fond memories of from his childhood. Aiden has to a come up with a plan B, as he takes up a part time job of covering a local festival at Birdsong. Emily McLane is all into her dog rescue mission and has plans for expansion. But she needs publicity to be able to pull off her grand plans. When Aiden offers to help, it comes as a boon. But as she finds herself falling for the guy, she can't help but feel insecure - would Aiden be able to settle in a small town like Birdsong? Or would he take off when he gets a new opportunity to further his career?

The story takes off right from the first chapter and doesn't let you down till the last page is turned. Aiden is an interesting character who is honest and open. We meet him at a time when the rug under his feet has been pulled off and he is trying to his footing in the world again. As such there was an air of vulnerability about him that draws in the readers and it is quite an interesting ride as we see him try to come up with a new plan for his life. Emily on the other hand is someone I loved right from the beginning. She is a genuinely warm person who would do anything and help anyone in need. And if the needy one happens to be four legged with a wagging tail and innocent eyes, well, she is the guardian angel then. It took me a while to warm up to their relationship as Aiden and Emily aren't the very apparent made-for-each-other kind. Yet they are just right for each other. As you see them taking on life together, you realise they fit!

But mostly, I loved the book because of Emily's dog rescue… When puppies turn up with their all innocent eyes and silly antiques, it makes everything so much warmer and sweeter!

At 170 odd pages, this is a quick, light-hearted, 'lift me up' sort of story.

Review Copy received from Tule Publishing