31 December, 2020

Read an #Excerpt from Sex and the American Male by Jay Williams - @JWillAustin #Satire #Fiction


Want a humorous book to read on that next cross-country flight or bus ride across town? Then buy SEX and the AMERICAN MALE for a funny, satirical look at American Culture.  Read this short book about a man who looks a little too closely at how advertising, politics, greed and more overwhelm the public and shape our society. From advertisements that use sex to sell massive cars to mindless political parties and juiced-up science fiction conventions no subject is safe from parody and humor in this quick read. Oh, and sorry, there is no SEX in the book. It’s part of the joke.  However, if you buy this book, you’ll be able to truthfully tell your friends you enjoyed SEX on your last flight (other quips you’ll have to come up with on your own). 

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Read an Excerpt from Sex and the American Male

Television plays an important part in Americans’ lives.  For some, it’s a babysitter.  An easy way to sit the kids down and keep them entertained while the parents go do the things they can’t do with kids.  For others, it’s a serious addiction.  Regardless of the pabulum that may be playing, they sit in front of The Tube for hours watching but not comprehending.  For others, it’s a mesmerizing drug they can’t turn away from.  Clicking the remote like popping pills one after the other.  For Zack it provided someone to debate.

“What?  You’re an imbecile!” He yelled at the TV.  “How can you possibly believe that a factory will voluntarily stop polluting?” he screamed at the interviewee.

The man in the dark suit didn’t respond to Zack, he did however continue to describe how environmental restrictions were anti-American.

“What are you yelling about?” Natalie asked as she returned to the room with a bowl of popcorn.

The romance had now lasted for two months.  In Zack’s frame of reference, an extremely long time.  So he knew the inevitable Big Moment would arrive.  That moment when two loving couples take it to the next level.  That moment when they realize that they may be heading for bigger “things.” That moment when—they talk serious politics.

“I’m yelling at this idiot on the TV.”

“So basically you’re yelling at an inanimate object.”

Zack grimaced.   He wanted to come up with a witty reply, but he couldn’t think of one.  “Well, I’m yelling at the ideas this guy has and, uh, well, by yelling at the TV it gives me some solace.

Natalie sat down on the couch next to Zack and gave her best condescending smile.  It was actually a smirk.  “Your voice just bounces around the room.  Why don’t you go to your party’s next general meeting and bring up the subject.  Whatever that is.”

“Um, well, actually I don’t belong to any political party,” Zack said sheepishly.

“What? You mean even though we’ve had hundreds of political arguments at The Posse, you don’t belong to any political party?” she asked, more in disgust than as a biting repetition of his reply.

“I’ve always considered myself more of an independent.  I don’t want to get tied down to one party.”

Is that the way you feel about relationships too?  Are you afraid to commit to one person?”

“Well, um, uh…” Zack stammered, trying to stall with the best comeback he could think of. 

“So are you as much of a relationship prostitute as you are a political prostitute?”

“Oh, I think your analogy is a little harsh,” he said meekly, although in his mind he said it authoritatively.

He didn’t underestimate the importance of how he sounded, as he didn’t want to change this vibrant relationship into a conventional one.  One where the male lost his edge due to fear of losing his chance at having sex.  One where the male no longer hung out with his old friends, or played rock songs too loud while playing air guitar, or drank into the wee hours all because he feared he’d lose, well, lose his chance at sex.  You see, for the male, it always just boils down to sex.

When not ranting about society and its ills, Jay writes short stories for literary and men's magazines like "The Stake," "SingleLife," "A Carolina Literary Companion," "Aura Literary/Arts Review," and others. He has penned five eBooks: SOULS ON FIRE, TAX BREAK, WINGS OF HONOR, SEX and the AMERICAN MALE and WRITING TRASH AND HUNTING BUFFALO. You can find them at Amazon.com and other ebook retailers. 
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Besides writing activities, he likes to say he's done it all (although it's possible he exaggerates like in his funny short stories). He's flown airplanes as well as jumped out of them at over 800 feet; he's brewed beer as well as drinks it whenever he can; he has traveled overseas as well as around the US. However, his favorite leisure activities include hiking the National Parks, watching hockey/football and listening to live music in Austin.

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